The Love Island villa descends into chaos as Ekin-Su unleashes her rage on ‘muggy’ Jay after he reveals he likes Paige.

Everyone wants to know what islander Jay will pursue, newcomer Antigoni, Paige, or remain in a couple with Ekin-Su. His decision was about to be made a lot easier when Ekin-Su was just moments away from being dumped on Monday night after being one of the three girls who received the least votes from the public.

However, she remained on the show and in a short clip from tonight’s episode she is not happy with Jay. We see them sitting by the fire pit as the row unfolds, ending with Ekin-Su telling him to just f**k off!’ after calling him ‘the biggest player in the villa’

In yesterday’s episode, we heard Ekin-Su admit she’d ‘caught feelings’ for Jay but it appears everything has changed since then as it’s clearly not reciprocated…

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Ekin Su rages at Jay

Following Jay and Paige’s kiss during the Truth Or Dare game in Tuesday’s episode, sparks seemed to fly between the pair. One problem, Jay and Ekin-Su are coupled up, so out of courtesy he decides to pull her for a chat at the fire pit to express his feelings.

Jay starts off by saying: “Obviously, you’ve probably sensed that I’ve been a bit off today and yesterday and it’s just because I want to be honest with my feelings. And I feel like because I moved so fast with you I didn’t get the chance to explore getting to know one Islander in particular here, which is Paige.”

During their first chat Ekin-Su is in such shock that she barely speaks, but later on, she decides to pull him for another chat.

Ekin-Su can’t believe that he is wanting to pursue Paige and decides to tell him straight: “First of all, I take everything back that I said here. I was calm, collected and it just hit me now what you have done. You knew at the recoupling to stay safe that I would pick you. You could have got to know Paige from day dot.”

Ekin-Su feels betrayed by his actions: “Why would you open up to me? Saying all these cute things like ‘my head wouldn’t turn’…”

She raged, telling him how disappointed with his behaviour she is: “Apparently I was a player in here but the biggest player in here is you. You deserve an Oscar for that, the biggest Oscar. So you should just f**k off Jay!”

After breaking the news to Ekin-Su, Jay now has to tell his pal Jacques how he feels, admitting: “I don’t want anything to get between us and I’m telling you man-to-man. I want to get to know Paige on a better level.” It appears both Jacques and Ekin-Su will be taking the brunt of Jay’s actions…

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Ekin-Su previously said she would be gutted if Jay liked someone else

The girls anxiously waited for Jay and the boys to return after new bombshell Antigoni invited them for some speed dating. Ekin-Su was growing impatient whilst waiting for Jay saying: “They’re still not here it’s been 10,000 hours”.

She went on to admit: “Anyone in my position would not be over the moon. I’m not gonna pretend it’s all fine so I am just going to try and stay busy. I would be gutted if he liked her. I’m overthinking everything.”

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Ekin-Su is open to get to know Charlie

A new bombshell boy, Charlie, entered into the villa in yesterday night’s episode. Ekin-Su revealed in the beach hut that she would be open to get to know Charlie seen as Jay was doing as he pleased. Charlie decides to take Ekin-Su and Tasha on a date.

In the hot tub Charlie reassures Ekin-Su that he is loyal in a coupling: “Relationship wise – once I’m in a relationship, I’m fully committed. I’m a bit of an all or nothing person. Does that surprise you?”

Ekin-Su says: “A bit. It takes a confident guy to admit that. I’ve not had anyone who has said that to me yet.” She also goes on to say, “When I look at you, I feel like you look quite deep into someone’s eyes – it’s quite meaningful.” Is that a bit of flirting we can sense?

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep18 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Ekin-Su and Charlie on date. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and c…

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