Elizabeth Potthast’s sisters often make appearances on 90 Day Fiance, and TLC fans are now wondering exactly who her siblings are…

She is often seen with her family, as the dating series – which follows relationships that began across the border – captures her love life.

During the recent episode, cameras captured Elizabeth, her siblings, and her husband Andrei, as they went on a boat ride together.

So, who are Elizabeth Potthast’s sisters? Let’s get to know them properly. Plus, we explore who her mom is, and find out about the family business.

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Screenshot: Elizabeth Is Furious With Her Sisters For Stealing Her Phone | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far, tlc uk YouTube

Who are Elizabeth Potthast’s sisters?

  • Becky and Jenn

Rebeckah “Becky” Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer “Jenn” Potthast Davis are Elizabeth’s sisters by blood.

She also has a sister-in-law called Megan, who is Andrei’s sibling.

Becky is married to entrepreneur Thomas Lichtwerch, and is a mom. Megan is also a mom, while Jenn has two daughters aged around 13 and 11.

Meet Elizabeth Potthast’s mom

Elizabeth Potthast’s mom is Pamela Putnam, a talent agent.

She is the agency owner of Stellar Talent and Image, a faith-based agency representing actors, models, singers, and dancers aged five or above.

Pamela appears to be a mom to three daughters and three sons, and often spends time with the family and her husband.

Elizabeth Potthast: Family business

  • The reality star is in the same business as her father. Elizabeth’s family runs a home-rental business.

In addition to the lucrative family business, Elizabeth’s dad Chuck has his own successful real estate business called CMP Capital Investments, LLC, in Tampa, Florida.

Chuck also owns many rental properties in the area. Moreover, his job as a real estate agent involves multi-million dollar commissions.

90 Day Fiance cast member Chuck has seven children with ex-wife Pamela Putnam. The family includes Elizabeth’s brother Charles Potthast, his wife Megan Potthast, sisters Rebeckah Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer Potthast Davis.



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