Twitter reacts to Ella and Pete on TOWIE - what happened between them?

Explosive arguments, drama and parties tend to happen throughout TOWIE. Oh, and romances. So what happened between Pete and Ella?

Season 28 began on March 14th, and it didn’t take long before a new romance was revealed between two of the TOWIE cast members.

Following Pete Wicks’ romance with Chloe – which shockingly came to light last season – it was discovered that he has taken a liking to Ella Rae Wise.

So, here’s Twitter fans reacting to Ella and Pete’s romance – plus, we look into exactly what happened between them.

Screenshot: Ella Wise, The Only Way is Essex, Season 28 Episode 1, ITV

Twitter reacts to Ella and Pete’s romance

Several TOWIE fans were in shock about the revelation of Ella and Pete.

Most fans on Twitter seem to think Ella is only dating him for a main storyline, however a minority are enjoying their romance.

Viewers also pointed out quite often that they thought Pete, who is 32, is too old for Ella, who is currently 20 years old.

What happened between Ella and Pete?

So far, we know that Ella and Pete have kissed.

A video had been circulating about Ella, where she admitted that she would choose Pete if she had to snog anyone in Essex.

During the first episode of season 28, it was discussed between Clelia Theodorou, Nicole Bass and Frankie Sims, which made it slightly awkward.

This is because Frankie is close to her sister Chloe Sims, who recently had a two-year long romance with Pete.

Later in the episode, Ella admitted that she had “sort of done it already”, which she revealed happened a couple of months ago.

She added: “I’m just trying to tell you I’ve kissed him and I fancy him, and that’s the situation.”

Ella, who has dated Tom McDonnell, said there was no overlap between Tom and Pete, revealing her and Pete have always had a connection.

She went on to say that she knows the feeling is mutual.

Are Ella and Pete dating now?

  • At the time of writing, it has not been confirmed if they are dating

In the preview clip for the next episode, Ella and Pete are seen agreeing to be flirty friends with no kissing, while clinking their drinks.

However, Ella goes on to add: “But I know we will.”

Chloe Sims is also seen saying she doesn’t care who he is kissing.

For now, it looks like the pair might have just had a romantic fling, but who knows what could happen next for them…



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