MIC: Are Emily and Harvey still together? Post-filming couple update!

Emily and Harvey are one of several couples who face the limelight on Made in Chelsea. After an on-screen argument, are they still together?

The latest episode clip of the E4 reality series shows Emily Blackwell and Harvey Armstrong facing relationship issues.

It comes after Emily admits that she’s feeling broody, before Harvey tells her he didn’t see himself having children anywhere in his 20s.

So, are Emily and Harvey still together? What happened after their argument during series 21? Let’s get the latest updates on their relationship.

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Emily and Harvey: Relationship timeline

Emily became head over heels in love with co-star Harvey Armstrong, who was her then-housemate Sophie “Habbs” Habboo’s ex-boyfriend.

After several dates, they hit it off, and it wasn’t long before things took off.

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Series 20 saw she and Harvey say the ‘L’ word after he admitted their relationship has escalated very quickly.

It didn’t come without difficulty, including her then-bestie Habbs getting upset with Emily for going out with her ex.

Harvey and Emily are very close in age, with Emily being born in November 1995 while Harvey, 25, was born in January of the same year.

Since series 20, they have gone from strength to strength.

What happened between Emily and Harvey?

Emily and Harvey are seen arguing about the future of having children.

After Emily tells co-stars Tiffany Watson and Ollie Locke about how she’s feeling broody, she goes on to add that she wants a baby.

Tiff questions whether she has voiced her feelings to Harvey.

Emily then tells Harvey about her broodiness, but he responds by saying he doesn’t see himself having children in his 20s.

She later says that she doesn’t want to waste time, adding: “I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want the same things as me.”

Are Emily and Harvey still together?

  • Yes, Emily and Harvey continue to be a couple

Despite their disagreement, we can confirm that the MIC couple appear to have worked through their differences.

During a recent YouTube video posted on May 13, 2021, Harvey and Emily done a Q&A where they answered if they want children.

Emily revealed that they are going to get a dog child first, and then hinted at children by saying “in years to come”.

Harvey added his opinion, and said: “Obviously, it’s in that deck of cards again where it keeps getting reshuffled.”

Emily goes on to say they have loads they want to do first, including travelling to places, and job-wise, but says it’s “definitely for the future”.

She says that she has changed her tune, as she “wanted a baby last week”.



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