Who is Emily on Seeking Sister Wife? Updates on Jarod and Vanessa's search!

TLC’s polygamy-based series Seeking Sister Wife sees Jarod and Vanessa try to find another wife. So, who is new star Emily?

It is the show which follows couples, as they search for another wife to join their relationship or marriage, as part of a polygamy lifestyle.

Jarod and Vanessa are one couple who have allowed cameras follow their search, and it looks like Emily could become their sister wife.

So, who is Emily on Seeking Sister Wife? We done some research to find out if she officially became their wife, and to get an update on their search.

Screenshot: Emily, Vanessa and Jarod, Seeking Sister Wife, TLC Instagram

Who is Emily on Seeking Sister Wife?

Emily is Jarod and Vanessa’s friend, who seems interested in their polygamous relationship.

She said she feels like she can be herself around Jarod, adding that they have the same sense of humour.

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The new Seeking Sister Wife star said she recently went through a break-up, but said it was “definitely a better decision”.

He empathised with Emily, saying he went through a similar thing with Kaleh, who had been with Jarod and Vanessa for around three years.

Emily then asked how they could explore polygamy together, after Jarod told her all about how he has multiple wives.

Is Emily with Jarod and Vanessa now?

  • Currently, it doesn’t look like Emily is part of their relationship

Although Emily seemed to share interest in how things worked between Jarod and Vanessa, there is no sign of her on their Instagram profiles.

However, it could just be that their contract with TLC doesn’t allow them to give away any potential spoilers.

The entirety of season 3 has seen Jarod trying to find a new addition to their family, which also involves four children.

Most of Jarod and Vanessa’s recent photos – including on their family-based Instagram profile – are of just them two, with a few of Kaleh from 2019.

So, judging by social media, it looks like they have not found a new wife.

Fans react to Emily’s curiosity

Looking through the comments for the upcoming clip – where Emily shows an interest in Jarod – the majority of fans seem to disagree with it.

It seems as though most viewers think Jarod and Vanessa are not being genuine in their search for a potential sister wife.

One fan wrote: “He’s not looking for another wife. He’s looking for a someone his wife is okay with him looking up with. Boy bye.”

Another said: “Girl RUN! They are looking for a toy for him and a homemaker/ baby sitter for her!”

However, others have disagreed by saying they don’t think Emily actually wants to join their relationship, but that she’s just showing curiosity.

One commented: “Hold up now… pump the brakes. I think she’s just curious and has questions about a lifestyle she’s never seen first-hand before. That doesn’t mean she’s diving in head first without any floaties.”



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