Explore Andrew Spencer's football career - what team does The Bachelorette star play for?

Andrew Spencer isn’t just lining up to try and become Katie Thurston’s perfect match on The Bachelorette, as he is also a football player.

He is one of several contenders who could have potentially ended up in Katie’s final four, but he was eliminated, and then asked to come back.

However, fans will be glad to hear he is keeping himself busy, as Andrew has gone from full-time dating on screen, to kicking ball for a living again.

For avid fans who want to hear all about Andrew’s football career, Reality Titbit has answered all your Qs – including which team he plays for.

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What team does Andrew Spencer play for?

  • Dacia Vienna Vikings

Known as one of Europe’s premier American football teams, Andrew currently plays for their AFL team.

He has played for them for the past three seasons, but had to miss the first three games of the Austrian season for filming.

The Bachelorette star first joined the Vikings mid-way through the 2019 season, as defensive back and running back.

Inside Andrew Spencer’s football career

Andrew returned to play for Vienna Vikings several months ago, which is likely to be when he stopped filming The Bachelorette.

Following his return, the team welcomed him back. He said:

I can hardly wait to complete a whole championship season with the team. I signed with the Vikings again, on the one hand to win titles and on the other hand I have the feeling that I still want to prove a lot.

He helped the team achieve a best-of-five Austrian title series against the Graz Giants, in 2020, and planned to play the full 2021 season.

However, those plans were cut short when he was chosen for the ABC series, as he was nominated by former NFL player and cousin Clay Harbor.

Since he returned to the field, Andrew has played two games for the Vikings, with roles of running back and returner.

Andrew from The Bachelorette: Job explored

Andrew spends half the year living in Vienna, Austria, where he plays professional football, and the other half in the Chicago area.

When he is staying in Chicago, he remains very busy by working as a football coach and teacher’s assistant.

Before joining the Vikings, he was a defensive back for the Division II school Winona State in Winona, Minnesota.



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