Love Island’s Chloe Burrows quickly became a fan favorite on Love Island, so it’s no surprise that her appearance on ITV’s new show The Games has viewers excited. However, her role as a reserve has faced tons of backlash.

She soared to the final with Toby Aromolaran during the 2021 dating show, but hasn’t appeared on any other reality series since. So when Chloe joined The Games line-up, it was an exciting moment for many who missed her on-screen.

However, upon finding out the former Love Island star was just a reserve, social media users weren’t very happy. They thought she should be the “main event” and instantly took to Twitter to share their anger.

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Fan anger at Chloe Burrows’ reserve position

Several viewers had hyped themselves up to see Chloe racing on The Games. She hinted that she may not be part of the main competition when she wrote on her story: “You may or may not see my boat race on The Games.”

Fans aren’t happy that the Love Island favourite is just a reserve, and shared their thoughts online. Many even took to sending Chloe a direct message about their disappointment, as they thought she would be competing more.

A confused fan wrote: “Have I missed Chloe? Was she on the starting line up or am I imagining it #thegames.”

Some didn’t expect to see Chloe there, and actually wondered why she was present while a line-up of celebrities battled it out for the winning place in the competition.

“Why is Chloe Burrows there? Was she an alternate? #TheGames,” asked a viewer.

Chloe responds to the backlash

When Chloe received “so many messages” about where she is on The Games, she revealed she is “a reserve” before adding that she “probably should have told you that before I was just randomly there on your TV.”

She shared on her Instagram story:

Basically, I’m a reserve. So if anyone gets injured, I’m in and I will win.

So while the first episode didn’t show much of Chloe, there is a big chance that she could become part of the main competition if her fellow contestants have to pull out for some reason.

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Chloe has trained for months

Chloe has been training for the strenuous show for months, and has been sharing regular YouTube videos where she is seen eating healthily and going to the gym. She began her new routine in January, a few months ahead of the show.

However, when fans found out the Love Island alumni was a reserve and not included in the main event, they were left utterly disappointed that she had been training with a possibility to not even take part.

She couldn’t share why she was training because she had to keep the ITV job a secret. A spokesperson for ITV said:

Chloe Burrows and Will Njobvu are reserve competitors on the show and are training hard with the rest of the team in preparation for the live shows. They will take part in the competition in the event of any injury or illness and we are very excited to have them on board.



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