Fans give Alexis The Ultimatum as they urge her to spill on 'plastic surgery'
Screenshot: The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix YouTube

Fans give Alexis The Ultimatum as they urge her to spill on 'plastic surgery'

Alexis Maloney took to Netflix’s new show The Ultimatum to see if her beau Hunter wanted to marry her, or move on completely. However, her facial expressions while he dated other women left fans asking about surgery.

Spoilers: The 25-year-old’s journey on the Marry or Move On dating series ended much quicker than her fellow cast members. After only a few days, Hunter realised that he wanted to tie the knot with Alexis. Cute!

Of course, when you see your significant other dating other people, several eyebrows are going to be raised. That’s the unique element of the series, as each person in a relationship has to choose someone else to live with for three weeks.

We found out whether Alexis has had any plastic surgery, or if her striking looks can be put down to natural genes.

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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

Fans think Alexis has had surgery

Looking through Twitter, most fans have reacted to Alexis‘ appearance by assuming she has undergone cosmetic procedures or sharing their shock at the fact she was just 25 years old during filming.

A fan wrote: “All this filler and Botox in Alexis face #TheUltimatum.” Another commented on their presumption that she is older, and said: “Alexis is not 25. That face is giving 40. #theultimatum.”

Alexis is 25?? Why did she do that to her face? #TheUltimatum“, posted a confused viewer.

The majority of viewers have described Alexis’ face as “strong”, which was even more heightened when Hunter decided to get down on one knee and propose to the Netflix star.

“Alexis’ face when hunter said he wanted to marry her has me in shambles,” wrote a fan.

Has Alexis from The Ultimatum had surgery?

Alexis has not confirmed having plastic surgery, but fans assume she has undergone Botox. She looks significantly different since photos in 2018, but this could be put down to natural aging as she recently entered her late twenties.

We know that beauty is important to Alexis, as she was tagged in a post which showed she gets her eyelashes done. However, she doesn’t look drastically different to what would be expected from someone with plastic surgery.

She has the appearance of a pinched nose, which is the typical look of a nose job. When Colby said he wasn’t attracted to Alexis, a fan reacted: “Who is Alexis!? She came in hot and needs to relax. Not everyone is into the pinched face look.

It is possible Botox and filler is behind Alexis’ appearance, which doesn’t appear to have natural lines (or she could be blessed with smooth skin). She isn’t the first Netflix reality star to face surgery rumors, like Mary from Selling Sunset.

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Are Alexis and Hunter still together?

Alexis and Hunter don’t appear to be wearing wedding or engagement rings in their photos, but they are definitely still together. Photos from November 2021 show them celebrating her 27th birthday together, just a few months ago.

She also calls him her “best friend” in a romantic post of them kissing on a beach in summer 2021. On Hunter’s Facebook, his literal profile picture shows the two of them cuddled up for a photo, so it’s clear they are still infatuated.

So far, no wedding pictures are featured on their Instagram pages, but this may well be down to a Netflix contract with the show only just coming out. In fact, it’s hard to miss a picture of Hunter on Alexis’ page, as he is all over her IG!

As reported by Distractify, there is an account on the wedding website Zola that is set up for wedding guests of a couple called Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr. Beside their names is the wedding date of June 18th 2022.

Reality Titbit has contacted Alexis for comment.



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