Has Faye Winter had surgery? Love Island star's early pictures explored

Faye Winter will be shown on your screens every night (bar Saturdays), while she hits up Love Island’s villa. Has she had surgery?

Like other contestants who strip down to their bikinis or swimming trunks on the dating show, she has been questioned about any possible surgery.

Rumours began ahead of the Love Island 2021 launch, and are expected to begin circulating even more once the show comes to ITV2.

While Faye prepares to couple up with her perfect match and have deep chats on the day bed, Reality Titbit has been browsing her earlier pictures.

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Has Faye Winter had surgery?

  • Yes, Faye has had breast surgery and Botox

The Love Island star confirmed in her opening video that she is hard-faced because of getting Botox done.

The Daily Star revealed earlier in June 2021 that Faye is “looking a million dollars” following a boob job.

She said she had the operation to make them bigger, adding that she is thrilled with the final results.

It looks like Faye has also had lip fillers, as she has been tagged in Sophie Mary Aesthetics‘ Instagram pictures, who offers the filler treatment.

Faye opens up about boob job

During her introduction video, Faye mentioned Botox, and didn’t appear to be trying to hide anything about herself.

She said: “My friends always say that I’ve got a heart of gold. I don’t want to be seen like that though.”

The Love Island 2021 contestant continued:

I’m just a bit of a hard-faced cow, but that might be the Botox.

Faye also told the Daily Star that her new boobs don’t give her backache, adding that she has always been body confident and gone to the gym.

Now loving her new boobs, she is entering the villa with her dream bod!

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Faye Winter: Earlier pictures explored

Faye doesn’t have many earlier pictures of herself, with the oldest selfie on Instagram going back to January 2019.

Her lips look significantly smaller, suggesting she most likely has had lip fillers since then, but her chest area is covered up.

As the Love Island star has managed to keep her Instagram very up-to-date, it looks like she hasn’t left much trace of earlier pictures.

Looking at her Instagram, Faye appears to have had the breast surgery procedure done since as far back as February 2019.

However, it is possible that she may have gone under the knife again since.

Around June 2019, the contestant appeared to be sharing much more revealing photos, hinting at another possible breast surgery.

It has not been confirmed that Faye “decided to go larger” again, or whether she has only had the one breast procedure.



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