If you watched, read or generally saw the social media frenzy following last Monday’s episode of First Dates Hotel, then you would know all about Griff.

The 26-year-old chicken farmer stole the show in episode four of First Dates Hotel thanks to his painfully awkward first appearance on the show.

Fumbling from one dating faux pas to another, Griff became a Twitter hero for his battling performance with a stern date called Penny. It was Griff’s first date – ever!

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel – Meet Griff

But, just a few minutes into the latest episode on Channel 4, and joy behold, look who was still knocking about by the pool.

Speaking of his first date, Griff said:

“I didn’t gauge the situation very well.

“But I think I’ve learnt so much and hopefully this time I can go to third (gear), short shift down to fifth, then cruise down love highway.”

Having previously admitted to having a tattoo on his bum with the name of his mate ‘Jeffers’, adding that he and his pal from home were “literally bum-chums”, it was going to be an uphill struggle for Griff as he headed into date number two.

However, his date, Emily, had opened up about how she wanted to date a man who was “well spoken” and that she would “perhaps like to date a farmer”. She too, was from Shropshire.

All the boxes were ticked Griff – over to you.

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel – Griff in his element

Griff wooed his date with his knowledge of chick farming, relaxed in conversation to come out of his shell and nail down some witty one-liners.

Emily said: “You’re not a wine snob are you?”

To which Griff replied: “Erm no, I only started drinking it in August so . . .”

Other members from the hotel were rooting Griff on from the bar as he continued to play along with Emily, asking “who’s your favourite serial killer?” – which was much funnier in the context of the conversation. Honestly.

Griff and Emily shared plenty of similarities on their date, confessing to previous challenges when talking to the opposite sex.

Although, Griff seemed to be completely in his element this time around. He said:

“I’m not sure you’ve seen the film Troy?”

“Literally, Helen of Troy, like the most beautiful woman in the world – same white dress, long blonde hair – you are a bit like a Greek goddess tonight.”

The date finished with the pair facing the camera and asked “would you like to see each other again?”

Hoorah, they both said yes! Griff even walked Emily back to her room where they shared a cute peck on the lips.

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel – Griff gets a kiss!

Naturally, this signalled the time for Griff to ring our favourite sub-character from First Dates Hotel, Jeffers.

Griff said on the phone to his close compadre:

“Jeffers! We hit it off, we hit it off!

“I didn’t think this would happen Jeffers, but I am chuffed to buggary.”

Griff and Emily escaped for a second date, and although Griff almost pulled down the dinner table with his failure to balance on the cobbled floor, it was another complete success.

Minus Griff showing his date the ‘Jeffers’ tattoo on his bum of course.

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel – Griff has a serious bromance with Jeffers

The show finished with footage of Griff back on his farm in Shropshire, going for a walk with his new found love Emily and their dogs.

There was no Jeffers in sight, but fans on Twitter were still overcome by the romantic end to the episode.

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