First Dates Hotel episode 2 was dominated by the appearance of loveable Paul.

The 28-year-old from Lancashire was shy and nervous before his date with Kimmie, although he pulled through on the day and earned himself a second date.

Paul was sweet and thoughtful throughout his appearance on the popular C4 series, scouting out the best coffee place on Trip Advisor so that he could whisk away Kimmie for the ultimate Italian breakfast experience.
Here are a few Instagram pics of Paul that perfectly capture his colourful character…
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Paul - E4
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Paul – E4
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Paul - E4
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Paul – E4

15 Million Views on LADbible

Paul opened up about his baldness on First Dates Hotel, explaining that he lost all of his hair by the age of 20 and was told that it was too late for a hair transplant.

He ended up getting a wig, which not only wowed his date but earned 15 million views on LADbible in a video titled ‘lad finds cure for baldness’.

Bowen Pies

During his time on First Dates Hotel, Paul mentioned that he sells pies – adding that his favourite was steak and potato!

Considering his last name is Bowen, it looks like he does a little more than just that, with his award-winning pie company a family-run business.

Have a slice of that!

Speedway Star

What wasn’t mentioned during Paul’s date was his love for the dirt track.

Paul has previously raced professionally – and likely still does – drifting for the Buxton Team in the speedway National League.


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