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7 of the BEST moments from First Dates Hotel - Featuring Griff!

Series Two of Channel 4 show First Dates Hotel blew fans away with its funny, touching and brave content.

Over six episodes from January to February and we met a selection of naturally hilarious characters, boldly honest personalities, and had our hearts melted by heart-wrenching love stories.

To celebrate the brilliant spinoff from First Dates, here are 7 of the best moments from the wining and dining that unfolded at Aquapetra Resort & Spa in Southern Italy.


7. Esther is left confused

Not long into Series Two and we caught up with Mark and Esther by the pool. A romantic looking heart-to-heart soon came tumbling down however as Esther had asked her date why he lived on a boat.

It was a valid question, but didn’t produce the answer dear Esther was expecting.

Mark said: “For 25 years I was a vicar, so I always lived in vicarages.

“Then I met a bloke who made it impossible to pretend to be straight anymore.”

Ahhh. Okay.

So it turned out that this wasn’t Esther’s date at all. In fact, it was just some guy she was chatting up, thinking it was the formal first date she had been placed on.

Esther admitted she was “quite disappointed” following the mix up but was set up with a proper date later that evening.

6. An unfortunate love triangle

In episode two of First Dates Hotel and an awkward love triangle formed between Kaylee, Charlie and Jada.

Initially, Kaylee had fallen head over heals for Essex boy Charlie, admitting that she was falling “in love” with him.

What happened next was heart-breaking.

Agreeing to wait at the bar for for her hunk, Charlie ventured off for a different date that was pre-scheduled by the Channel 4 programme. When he returned however, he didn’t bring good news.

Charlie said: “Erm, we got on quite well. I feel quite bad now.”

A disappointed Kaylee struggled to hold back her tears as Charlie decide to go back to his new date Jada having only swung-by to drop the bombshell.

Comforted by Fred Sirieix, audiences could only sit back and feel for heartbroken Kaylee.


5. Griff rings Jeffers (part one, two and three)

The introduction of 26-year-old chicken farmer Griff saw First Dates Hotel soar to new heights. Paired with blonde haired beauty called Penny for his first ever date, Griff’s kind-hearted but bumbling and awkward dating style instantly made him an internet sensation.

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel

During the show and Griff confessed that he “only started drinking wine about a month ago”, had never had a proper girlfriend, and had a tattoo across his bum that read “Jeffers”.

Griff’s seriously tight bond with best-mate “Jeffers” became evident across the two episodes he featured in, with the farmer calling up his pal pre-date, post-date and even during his date while escaping to the toilet.

Our favourite call was on Griff’s final date where he had nothing but good news for Jeffers.

He said: “Jeffers! We hit it off, we hit it off!

“I didn’t think this would happen Jeffers, but I am chuffed to buggary.”

4.  Dave finds love

In the final episode of First Date Hotel and the most romantic story was saved to last.

Widower Dave had admitted that he hadn’t had a date since 1991 and felt completely alien to the dating scene having not looked for love since his wife had passed away through lung cancer.

Set up to feature on First Dates Hotel thanks to his daughter, Dave paced his room nervously before his date, although admitting that he was ready to give love another shot.

Screen Shot: Dave & Sara – First Dates Hotel, C4

In a tearful 20-minute period we witnessed Dave execute his date with Sara to perfection, with the two agreeing to a second date the next day.

But the train to Lovesville didn’t stop there, with Dave and Sara continuing t0 date following their return to England, where they have now been in a relationship for five months.

3. Max and Janine open up

Both Max and Janine had spent part of their childhoods in foster care, and the UK melted as the pair opened up about their past.

They admitted that their similarities were “stupidly similar” and audiences turned into a sobbing mess as a close friendship blossomed into romance.

After spending a second together at a massage parlour and the loved-up duo confirmed they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend having continued their romance in England.

Pat on the back to the First Dates Hotel ‘love doctors’.

2. Pansexual Nick finds ‘the one’

In episode five of the series and Twitter roared-on pansexual Nick as he admitted to desperate attempts at trying to find someone who could “accept him for who he was”.

A Harry Potter nerd, Nick found his perfect match in Lewis who sparked up conversations about Slytherin, Ravenclaw and pretty much nailed every HP reference going.

After a flawless date and the pair shared a powerful kiss as they retreated back to their rooms. It literally couldn’t have gone any better.

Screen shot: First Dates Hotel – kiss cam!

 1. Griff is the man

When we realised that Griff would be getting a second shot at love and featuring on the show for a second consecutive episode, we literally yelled in excitement.

Not only did this mean more honest comedy and flashes of phone calls to Jeffers, but the sweet-natured Griff had an actual chance at dating success.

Joy behold, and Emily from Shropshire was big on her farmers and big on Griff. We witnessed a much more relaxed Griff oozing with confidence as he wooed the hell out of his date.

Griff said: “I’m not sure you’ve seen the film Troy?”

“Literally, Helen of Troy, like the most beautiful woman in the world – same white dress, long blonde hair – you are a bit like a Greek goddess tonight.”

The pair have continued dating at home, although we hope Emily hasn’t barged Jeffers out of the picture all together.

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