Are Finn and Georgia still together? First Dates Hotel exclusive!

The new series of First Dates Hotel gave us the love story none of us knew we needed and it’s only three episodes in!

It’s hard to see how they will trump this…

A perfect match of 21-year-old Philosophy grad Finn McSkimming and 24-year-old teacher Georgia Richardson graced our screens. But things quickly became complicated for these two, as they realised they weren’t each others’ blind dates.

After episode 2 (Thursday, September 12th) left us on a will-they-won’t-they note, it looked like things were going to work out after all for the couple by the end of the third episode.

So, what happened when they returned to England?

We caught up with Finn to see what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E3 – 4oD

What happened with Finn and Georgia on the show?

Viewers were introduced to Finn and Georgia in the second episode First Dates Hotel series 4.

After locking eyes from across the pool, these two had an instant spark. But they were both quickly disappointed when it turned out that they were not each others’ blind date.

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Episode 2 saw Georgia underwhelmed on her date with 21-year-old Oli from Cambridge, whereas Finn’s date with 26-year-old lawyer Jana was more of a success in episode 3 (Thursday, September 19th).

But it was not successful enough to convince Finn to go for Team J!

Finn said in the episode: “We’ve had this amazing date, but at the end of it I’m still thinking about Georgia. There was that connection which I can’t put my finger on which there wasn’t with Jana.”

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Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Finn’s instant attraction

A self-confessed romantic at heart, Finn was quickly drawn to blonde beauty Georgia.

Speaking to Reality Titbit, Finn explained how he instantly connected with her.

He said:

It was clear we both had a lot in common. She is a very bubbly and outgoing person and I was definitely drawn to that fun side to her. And then the more we got to know each other it showed we shared very similar values and opinions on family and relationships.

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Are Finn and Georgia still together?


To the disappointment of fans across the nation who were already envisaging the couple’s marriage and kids, Georgia and Finn are no more than friends at the moment.

It looked like things were going well between the pair, as in the First Dates Hotel credits there was a short video of them back in England together, two months later.

Finn continued to tell us that they went on a first date away from the prying eyes of the nation at a restaurant in St Albans, halfway between where they lived.

But he added: “We messaged each other a lot after and we both agreed we’d love to hang out more but purely as really good friends. We’ll definitely stay in contact.”

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Is Finn still looking for love?

Not any more!

Without the help of the First Dates team, Finn has fallen for someone back home.

He explained: “I met my girlfriend a couple of months after my weekend at the First Dates Hotel and we saw each other a few times and spoke loads and eventually made it official.”

We’re sure hearts are breaking across the nation as of this moment. 

But Finn jokingly added that “she’s still yet to hear [him] play the recorder” which is the next relationship milestone… and a real make-or-break one at that!




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