This season of First Dates Hotel has seen some rather incredible backstories revealed. From Carly’s footballer dad to Paul Cattermole of S Club fame, there have been some surprise stars cropping up each week.

Episode 3 (Thursday, September 19th) was no different!

The First Dates Hotel was graced with the presence of 83-year-old Dorit, who spoke of her jazz singing past and writing career to surviving the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

And her date John was as smitten as can be.

So, who is Dorit? Here’s everything you need to know about her incredible career.

Dorit and John

Who is Dorit?

Dorit Oliver-Wolff is an 83-year-old originally from Hungary.


In the episode of First Dates Hotel, Dorit explained how when she was just 6-and-a-half, she was taken to a concentration camp and separated from all her family. She had been living in former Yugoslavia’s capital, Belgrade when she was captured by the SS.

Dorit is now settled in Eastbourne, where she had been living with her husband, Frank before he passed last year.

She said in the episode: “I’m not looking to replace Frank, I’m looking because I’m still alive.”

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Dorit’s jazz singing career

After the war ended, Dorit was considered stateless without any documents and so she joined a touring dance company in order to leave the country.

When performing, Dorit was spotted by a talent scout and she quickly landed herself a record deal.

Throughout the 1950s, Dorit released a number of singles that hit the charts from her album, O Yes, Das ist Musik.

She was such a success in Germany, that when she was performing at one of the night clubs – as she explained in First Dates Hotel – she sang with a touring Ella Fitzgerald!

Dorit’s music is still on streaming platforms, or you can listen to it here on YouTube.

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What books did Dorit write?

Dorit began to write about her wartime experiences, as did her First Dates Hotel date John – they were a match made in heaven!

In 2014, she released a book called Behind the Smile: From Yellow Star to Pop Star.

Dorit then reissued and developed the book a year later, publishing it for a second time under the new title, From Yellow Star to Pop Star: An Inspirational Story of Survival and Success.

Her story gained the attention of media at the time and Dorit was interviewed by many publications and broadcasters such as the BBC, the Telegraph and so on.

You can follow Dorit on Twitter for all her latest works @doritoliver.