Everyone loves someone to root for on First Dates Hotel and in episode 4 (Thursday, September 26th), we were presented with just the guy.

The episode introduced us to unlucky-in-love Matt, who stole viewers’ heart with his awkward charm and emotional honesty.

And all had high hopes that the Channel 4 matchmakers would have found him someone special.

Matt still managed to win the support of viewers, even when he made one of First Dates Hotel’s worst ever blunders when he asked his date Dania “how deep” she goes. We were all cringing as hard as you Matt, don’t worry!

Here’s what went down with Matt on First Dates Hotel.

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E4 – 4oD

Who is Matt?

Matt is a 27-year-old from London, who admitted on First Dates Hotel: “I have been single my whole life. I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

Fans immediately started rooting for him to find the one, hoping that things would work out for the hapless romantic.

He works as a restaurant salesman, as he explained on his date with 24-year-old marketing executive Dania.

Whilst studying for a psychology degree at university, Matt discovered he had a brain tumour and was diagnosed with Langerhans histiocytosis.

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What is Langerhans’ cell histiocystosis?

Matt explained in the episode that “it is a condition where tumours can grow all over your body.”

It is a rare condition which causes damage to the skin’s tissue and starts in the LCH cells.

Matt explained that he was treated with chemotherapy but never received the all clear and this has had a major impact on his dating life.

He continued to say the lack of resolution means he’s “worried that [he] won’t meet someone for the very reason that I’m worried I might die.”

Matt on First Dates Hotel

It seemed like things were going swimmingly for Dania and Matt, apart from his foot-in-mouth moment!

They covered everything under the sun, from personal struggles with health and religion to their dating history. But that was not enough to convince Dania that Matt was right for her.

Dania told him after he confessed that he’d like to see her again: “I really like you, I think you’re an amazing person, but I didn’t feel it romantically.”

Viewers felt a pang of sadness as Matt got publicly pied with the classic ‘friend-zone’ line.

But don’t worry Matt, there are plenty girls out there interested in sweeping you off your feet after the First Dates episode!

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