First Dates Hotel is back on Channel 4 for more romance in the sun to round off summer.

All of our favourites from maître d’ Fred to waitress CiCi are hitting the Aquapetra Resort and Spa to help a new batch of singletons find ‘the one’.

This season of First Dates Hotel sees celebrities enter looking for love. Both Pete Wicks and Duncan James have signed up to date at the gorgeous Italian resort but episode 2 (Thursday, September 12th) saw a dater reveal his surprise celebrity past.

Paul Cattermole revealed to his date Anna that he was actually a member of S Club 7, leaving viewers everywhere stunned and super nostalgic. But Paul was less popstar and more nervy dater during the episode and things didn’t work out for him and Anna.

So, has Paul found love since leaving the First Dates Hotel?

Paul and Anna

Paul Cattermole on First Dates

Paul Cattermole entered the First Dates Hotel looking for ‘the one’.

He admitted that he hasn’t had much success with women in the past despite the popstar fame.

And he also definitely wasn’t the most confident and smooth of daters. Within a few seconds of quoting Kung Fu Panda he admitted he had a weak bladder!

The 42-year-old former popstar went on a date with 27-year-old singer Anna.

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Paul and Anna fizzle out

Although the two clicked, nothing worked out between these two daters.

They had lots in common and Paul admitted that they “got on incredibly well for strangers who have just met.” But both admitted they didn’t have a spark.

Paul’s lack of confidence struck Anna and when she raised it to him, he got incredibly upset in his straight-to-camera interview.

Anna’s had some words of wisdom for Paul. She said:

I do think that it would be good if you were more confident. You’re a lovely person and I feel like maybe the industry has beaten you around a little bit.

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Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Screenshot: Paul in tears on First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Has Paul found love since First Dates?

From the looks of his Instagram and Twitter, not yet!

They filmed the new season of First Dates Hotel in June 2019 and over the past few months, Paul has not settled down with anyone new.

If you want to keep up to date with Paul and all his antics then be sure to follow him on Instagram @paul_cattermole.

As Paul does not follow Anna on Instagram it looks like nothing has been rekindled between them since they left the First Dates Hotel, despite Anna asking him to “keep in touch.”

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