First Dates Hotel Jessica tells everyone to get over her boob job - spends entire episode talking about her boobs!
Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E5 - 4oD

First Dates Hotel Jessica tells everyone to get over her boob job - spends entire episode talking about her boobs!

Summer has drawn to a close but for some lovers out there the spark of summer romance is lingering on.

Love was in the air last night (Thursday, October 3rd), as First Dates Hotel had another successful match.

Mother-of-three Jessica bagged herself the sweet, sensitive ex-soldier Dean in episode 5 of the hit Channel 4 dating series. Dean was smitten with Jessica, from her personality to her looks, she was everything he was looking for and more.

But viewers at home weren’t as convinced by Jessica, as a certain asset she was trying to avoid being the star of the show inevitably became the star.

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E5 – 4oD

Meet Jessica (and her 34GGs)

Jessica is a 39-year-old mother of three from Ashford in Kent.

She entered the First Dates Hotel looking for love for the third time. Jessica explained: “I’ve been married twice, but I believe in trilogies so you never know!”

Jessica’s dating past was far from easy because of her stunningly good looks and 34GG boob job. She had ended up in relationships with “jealous and controlling” partners, who would think she was having an affair if she “wore lipstick to Tesco’s.”

The beauty’s looks and surgically enhanced assets were the talk of the Aquapetra Resort & Spa with Fred Sirieix commenting on how she fit the bill of an Italian superstar actress.

But as Jessica explained, her boob job was done for medical reasons over aesthetic. She said: “When I had my son, I lost all the tissue in the top of my breast. So after that I had my first surgery.”

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Jessica on First Dates Hotel

Jessica was matched with 30-year-old ex-soldier Dean who was instantly taken with her good looks.

But the match-making went deeper than just a physical attraction.

Dean confessed to the camera: “She’s so physically attractive but there’s something else there… something I’ve been looking for.”

And it looked like love was in the air for these two as their date saw them smooch Lady and the Tramp style and open up about their personal struggles and family life.

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Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E5 – 4oD

Unavoidable boob talk

Jessica joked “I’m very aware my boobs enter a room five minutes before I do” but was looking for someone to see past her 34GGs.

But for someone who did not want to have them at the forefront of discussion, they were discussed an alarming amount in the episode.

Many took to Twitter to vent that Jessica could have been more subtle in her approach to concealing her rather unavoidable assets. One said: “Try wearing something that covers them up a bit more then! You cant miss them in that dress.”

Another chipped in “If you want people to get to know the person behind the boobs, maybe don’t make them twice the size of your head?”

Did they end up together?

Of course viewers love to critique left, right and centre when it comes to reality telly. But luckily for Jessica, the one who didn’t critique her was her date Dean.

He had no problem with Jessica or her 34GGs!

At the end of the episode, viewers were shown that Jessica and Dean had continued to date back in England.





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