Meet First Dates Hotel receptionist Francesca - sexual innuendo queen!

After a summer of failed romances from the reality TV game, Channel 4 are about to swoop in and save the day as First Dates Hotel is back for another series of matchmaking and soulmate-finding!

This year the First Dates team are returning to the gorgeous Aquapetra Resort & Spa in Naples, Italy which can only mean one thing… one of the the fan-favourites will be making their return to our screens!

Last series made a star of one of the hotel’s employees. And no, it’s not suave restaurant manager Fred Sirieix or stunning waitress CiCi Coleman, but a receptionist who seems incapable of holding her tongue.

Here’s everything you need to know about the First Dates Hotel receptionist and restaurant manager Francesca.

First Dates Hotel 2019 team (Francesca far right)

Who is Francesca?

Francesca goes by the full name of Francesca Martusciello.

She has been the restaurant manager at the Aquapetra Resort & Spa in Southern Italy since March 2017.

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The fiery Italian was previously the Head Sommelier at the Bath Priory in Bath, before moving back to Italy.

While Fred may be the big gun at the First Dates restaurant in London – Paternoster Chop House – it’s Fran who runs the show on First Dates Hotel.

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What is a Master Sommelier?

Although we often see Francesca messing about with the others on the receptionist desk, she is the restaurant manager.

She’s a Master in French Wines, where you can get an official degree from the Wine Scholar Guild in Washington, DC.

According to Fran’s Instagram account, she’s still studying to become a Master Sommelier, which would be a seriously massive accomplishment.

There have been only 249 people who have earned the Master Sommelier title since its inception of The Court of Master Sommeliers in 1969.

The title would rank Francesa as one of the best in hospitality business worldwide, with a degree that boasts outstanding tasting and evaluation skills, wine knowledge and business management.

Francesca on First Dates Hotel

First Dates Hotel fans have loved Francesca’s cheeky and playful ways, especially when alongside head receptionist Michela Contini.

We’re looking forward to a whole new season of her anecdotes and words of wisdom. She’s practically the love guru of the show!

One thing Fran seems to have a lust for is passion, as she is consistently telling tales of romance.

Like that time in the forest…

Who is First Dates Hotel receptionist Michela?

If it was receptionist Michela that you were actually after, then you can find her on Instagram under @lamichicontini.

She’s an ‘Italian living in London’ and works a Head Receptionist and Event Coordinator at Sartoria Restaurant, according to her Linkedin.

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