First Dates Hotel is back on Channel 4 for its fourth season, with Fred, CiCi and the Italian team joining forces to help lovelorn singletons find their dream match.

But in episode 2 (Thursday, September 12th), there was a match made in heaven… but one not made by the First Dates team.

Finn and Georgia connected instantly and when they discovered they were set up with other people, their hopes were shattered. Georgia’s date was not a success, whereas Finn seemed to strike gold with both girls.

And from the looks of Finn’s Instagram, he’s still hasn’t made his mind up!

Finn and Jana

Meet Finn

Finn McSkimming is a 21-year-old from Leeds who has just graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Philosophy.

After mastering “the art of being the third wheel,” Finn was determined to find a girl he could commit to in a serious relationship.

Finn explained to 24-year-old primary school teacher Georgia Richardson that he was looking for someone “adventurous and musical.” And he hoped that she would fit the bill.

But during their first interaction, the pair realised that they were not being set up by the Channel 4 team.

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Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Georgia’s First Dates disappointment

From the outset, Georgia seemed disheartened by the prospect of a date with anyone but Finn. She even admitted: “I wish he’d been my date.”

Georgia was not feeling her date with 21-year-old Cambridge lad Oliver and decided he was still too immature for her.

Maybe it was something to do with those accents, Oli…

But everything changed when Georgia returned to the pool in the hopes of finding Finn and just like the scene from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, there he was waiting for her!

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Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E2 – 4oD

Finn’s date puts a spanner in the works

Episode 3 (Thursday, September 19th) saw Finn paired with stunning 26-year-old lawyer Jana and the two clicked instantly.

And while Finn was enjoying his date with Jana, Georgia was dreaming up their relationship, saying “Georgia and Finn sounds really cute.”


She also stated: “I want him to have a good date, but then I don’t want him to have a good date because I want him.”

Even though their date went as smooth as you like – they even performed Alicia Keys’ Fallin’ for the whole restaurant – it was not enough to convince Finn to go for Team Jana!

Episode 3 ended with Finn seemingly choosing Georgia over the First Dates match.

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What happened next?

We found Finn on Instagram and it revealed that things after First Dates Hotel did not get any less complicated since they left Italy.

Finn is following not just Georgia but Jana also and both girls follow him back.

Finn is also friends with Georgia on Facebook but he is not friends with Jana. Although nothing has been confirmed, this suggests to us that their relationship has definitely been taken up a few notches.

At the end of episode 3, it looked like Finn had made his mind up and the couple even kissed in the pool. The credits showed them spending time together back in England, but it looks like they are far from being an official couple.

But that won’t stop us here at Reality Titbit rooting for these two star-crossed lovers!




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