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First Dates Hotel: Who said you can’t rock socks and sandals?

On episode six, the last and final episode of First Dates Hotel, and youth worker Tom caused a storm with his socks and sandals look.

Swaggering his way through the breathtaking First Dates Hotel – known as Aquapetra Resort & Spa when there isn’t Channel 4 camera crews – Tom seemed to be travelling peculiarly light.

Screen Shot: TOM, First Dates Hotel – C4

With just the one rucksack and Tom confessed to all travellers worst fears, citing that his luggage had gone missing.

He said: “They, err, well they just didn’t put it on the plane at Gatwick.”

But, the cheeky chappy was full of smiles and confidence as he waltzed around the hotel, leaving members of staff to gasp at his fashion sense and comment on his style. One staff member said:

“You see, socks and sandals don’t usually do it for me . . . but he’s doing it for me.”

Screen Shot: SOCKS ad SANDALS – yes please! C4

Screen Shot: SOCKS ad SANDALS – yes please! C4

Leaving the other staff to quip: “Oo yeah, he’s doing everything for me.”

The handsome 28-year-old was forced into wearing a spare waiters outfit from Sam, although he rocked the outfit with confidence and ventured off for a date with 23-year-old dancer Francesca.

He said: “I haven’t really got a type.

Screen Shot: First Date Hotel, C4

“But if you’re talking to an ironing board and nothings coming back then you might as well call it quits and leave it (the date) early on.”

The pair flirted and chatted about one-others professions with Francesca saying she was a little bit like a character from dance-flick Step Up, but better.

She definitely has that movie star image!

Screen Shot: FRANCESCA – First Dates Hotel, C4

Tom’s background having grown up in South London was a little different all together.

He said: “I just done things that young boys in South London do.

“It was all sort of new – drugs, violence.”

Tom confessed to Francesca “me and the boys used to think we were absolute gangsters” when really they were “complete jokers”

Tom went on to explain that an attempted murder relating to his friend group was the turning point in his life, and when he decided to separate from a group of 10 who are now in prison.

TOM – Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel, C4

Tom finished the date complimenting Francesa saying:

“I am so buzzing that I got you on a date.”

They both decided to see each other again, snuggling up on a canopy to see the stars to bed.

Screen Shot: FRANCESCA and TOM – First Dates Hotel, C4

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