Viewers were desperate to find out what happened next after episode 2 (Thursday, September 12th) of First Dates Hotel series 4.

The second episode saw 21-year-old uni grad Finn and 24-year-old teacher Georgia become the star-crossed lovers the nation were rooting for.

Locking eyes across the bright blue pool, it seemed like serendipity had brought these two together. And it was all going so well… until they realised they weren’t set up by the First Dates team.

Episode 3 (Thursday, September 19th) picked up where we left off and saw Finn go on his date with stunning lawyer Jana. But it wasn’t enough to break apart these two lovebirds.

Georgia and Finn were clearly meant to be, so why weren’t they matched from the start?

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E3 – 4oD

Instant attraction

Sometimes in relationships, the people who you end up with aren’t always the ones who catch your eye. We all know there’s nothing wrong with a slow burner. But for Georgia and Finn, the connection was there from day dot.

It’s hard to say who they defined as their ‘type on paper’ to the First Dates team. Georgia said she fell for “pretty boys” but Finn was less clear about his type.

They both expressed that they fancied each other, so what went wrong on the match-making front?

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Match-making mishap

It’s not easy playing match-maker – no wonder dating sites and algorithms usually do it for us these days!

But when the First Dates team received Georgia and Finn’s criteria – apart from appearance – it’s no surprise that they didn’t immediately choose them to couple up.

Finn was looking for someone musical and someone he could be serious with, which was an obvious match with singer/lawyer Jana. They were so well-suited with their interests that Finn and Jana even performed for the entire hotel restaurant. Now that is feeling comfortable on a first date!


Georgia was less specific in what she was looking for but she was definitely seeking someone serious. As Finn was a few years younger than her, the match-makers could have thought he wouldn’t be serious enough.

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Was it all for show?

First Dates Hotel prides itself on being unscripted TV but this love story seemed almost too good to be true!

At points, they had us wondering whether they purposefully set the perfect match of Georgia and Finn up with different people to get some great telly. But as nothing is fake about the show we don’t think Channel 4 would really do that to us.

So there is no exact reason why Finn and Georgia weren’t paired with each other from the outset and it was probably just down to a match-making oversight. The dates aren’t always home runs, as we’ve seen each episode!

But the main thing to take away from Finn and Georgia’s Italian romance is that you can’t beat a spark and instant connection. And sometimes it’s better to “refuse to play by the rules” as Finn told Fred Siriex!

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