Geeky ‘Harry Potter’ couple leave First Dates Hotel fans in awe 

Geeky ‘Harry Potter’ couple leave First Dates Hotel fans in awe 

Most episodes of First Dates Hotel provides us with mixed results. While Channel 4’s expert ‘love doctors’ try desperately hard to find the perfect formula for romance, it’s never as easy as it sounds.

Those with every possible personality trait in common often fail to click, and some guests even end up dating strangers dotted around hotel. That’s definitely not supposed to happen.

On Monday night’s (February 5, 2018) fifth episode of the new series however, we witnessed the perfect match in Nick and lewis.

Screen shot: Lewis and Nick on their first date.

We were first introduced to pansexual bingo caller Nick at the FDH bar, waiting for two future dates in both a male and female. Nick said:

“I’ve dated my fair share of women, but I’d love to date a guy, so long as they are geeky and they’re not afraid to admit they’re geeky.”

Cue 22-year-old Lewis, who described himself having used to look like a “Jabba the Hutt impersonator”. For the non-geeks, that’s a Star Wars reference. So yeah, there was A New Hope of love for our nerdy Lewis.

At the date and the two chuckled infectiously at one others humour, discussing the ins and outs of their geeky characters.

Lewis said, brimming with excitement at the chance to mention Harry Potter:

“What house are you in?”

To which Nick replied: “Slytherin.”

Bingo. In a previous piece to camera and Ravenclaw Lewis had explained how he would go against house rules, and probably Dumbledore’s wishes, to date a Slytherin like Nick. Isn’t forbidden love the hottest!

The date continued with Lewis admitting into bullying, weight issues and troubles in school. He said:

“It all came to a head when I had a sort of a breakdown after P.E , after I was singled out for my weight.

“I feel like having a relationship would make me feel like I am wanted, it’s not something I have felt in a while, but I guess I just haven’t met the right type of people.”

Vodka cokes at the ready and Nick told his date how he was previously a female. Named Nicole, Nick went through a series of testosterone injections and operations to change to a male. Nick said:

“I’ve had people call me a freak – an abomination to mankind.

“But I am who I am, and I just want someone to accept me for who I am.”

A close, personal and all-revealing date brought the pair closer, with all of the big issues covered, including whether they were fans of DC or Marvel.

Following some intense laughter on camera the pair walked to their rooms and shared one of the most talked about kisses on Twitter before going their separate ways to bed.

It was the perfect end to a perfect first date!

Screen shot: First Dates Hotel – kiss cam!

The next day unravelled with Nick and Lewis enjoying a spot of shopping as they moulded together in one of the most genuine relationships we have ever seen on First Dates Hotel.

Holding hands and kissing on camera, Nick said his new lover was “definite boyfriend material.”

The episode finished just as all fans had hoped, with confirmation that the duo were continuing their romance at home.


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