Interview: Are Jessica and Dean from First Dates Hotel still together?

The fourth series of First Dates Hotel is drawing to a close and it has proven to be another successful year of romancing at the Aquapetra Resort & Spa. Oh, the Channel 4 matchmaking team are good at their job!

Episode 5 (Thursday, October 3rd) saw a perfect match lined up between mum-of-three Jessica and ex-soldier Dean. Both were smitten on their first date encounter and made the perfect pair. Fans on Twitter were calling them one of First Dates’ most gorgeous couples who could pass for “film stars”!

And by the end of the episode, we saw that the romance had continued back home.

So, are Jessica and Dean together now? Have they become one of the show’s success stories?

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel S4 E5 – 4oD

What happened with Jessica and Dean on the show?

Jessica was looking for someone to settle down with and see past her good looks and rather unmissable assets.

Dean was seeking to “look at someone and just go ‘wow’!” And that’s exactly what happened when he met Jessica.

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Their date at the hotel’s restaurant was a roaring success – it even involved eating spaghetti Lady in the Tramp style – and they were keen to continue their stay at the Aquapetra Resort.

Jessica explained to Reality Titbit what drew her to Dean. She said: “He had that incredible combination of being eye candy and soul food. Of course physically he is absolutely gorgeous but his honesty, warmth and vulnerability are completely beautiful too.”

Dean added: “First dates, you did amazing at matching us both. She grabbed my attention that night.”

The episode ended showing Jessica and Dean hanging out together back in Blighty.

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Are Jessica and Dean still together?


Although we saw them together at the end of the episode looking happier than ever – Jessica even called him “a keeper” – she revealed to Reality Titbit that the couple has parted ways.

Jessica told us:

We had a couple of lovely dates when we got back to the UK. Unfortunately, we are no longer together.

I think the distance between us was a bit of an issue for him as it was tricky to see each other but we have remained firm friends and I think he is a stunning person.

Dean continued to explain that “Jess is the kind of woman that needs someone special in her life & I couldn’t be him.”

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Is Jessica looking for love?

Despite the fact things did not work out with Dean, that hasn’t disheartened Jessica in her pursuit of love.

She said: “I’m still looking for love. Hopefully Mr Right is out there somewhere but at the moment I’m not actively pursuing anything. I’m focusing on myself and the children.”

Dean, on the other hand, has decided to focus his attention on his career rather than his love life. He admitted to us that he’s “more waiting patiently in life to stumble into something.”

So, we only hope the best for these daters!




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