First Dates star Griff is our favourite reality TV star ever - and this is why!

We’ve all had our fair share of awkward first dates. For Griff, on series 2 of First Dates Hotel, that concept was taken to a whole new level.

With a repeat of the series now airing on E4, it give audiences a second chance to get to grips with one our favourite reality TV characters in history.

Meet Griff…

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel

Who is Griff?

During First Dates Hotel season 2 episode 4, Griff was paired with blonde-haired beauty Penny. Yeah, Griff and Penny, it wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven from the start.

The 26-year-old chicken farmer got suited and booted in his best open-collared white shirt for his first ever date.

But, like every first ever date history, it didn’t run smoothly.

Griff was visibly nervous and blundered through the date conversation ticking the full checklist of things not to say on a first date, including an explanation on how the only “sort of relationship” he has had was with a 42-year-old.

Oh, Griff.

Viewers remained intrigued by Griff’s unusual accent, and he put it on full display with a hilariously honest piece-to-camera.

Griff said:

 I do wonder why I’m single at this age. Is it because of my nasal-y voice? Maybe. Is it due to poor technical performance in the bedroom? We can’t rule that out.

Twitter was in awe with the witty farmer as he continued to dig his own grave, admitting to a string of one night stands in true red-faced fashion.

Griff put all chances of a second date well and truly to bed when he tried to save the day by asking when he could meet Penny’s parents.

It just wasn’t Griff’s night, as his date responded:

They split up when I was very young and my mother passed away.

The affair was pretty tense to watch from here on in, let alone for poor Griff on his first ever date.

Finally, the night ended for Griff when he explained the heartbreaking story of how he was born half deaf and grew up with a speech impediment, and thus the accent.

Griff said:

This is the voice she [the speech therapist] decided to give me. Because I had it from a young age I couldn’t communicate properly. The only people I could communicate with for a few years were my close family.


When Griff was in school and wished to say anything, teachers would have to get his older brother to translate. And failing that, they would ring his mum.

Griff finished by saying: “Yeah, I was a bit of an odd child should we say.”

We say long live Griff, the First Dates Hotel hero.



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