If you missed the First Dates Ireland Valentine’s special because you were busy sipping red wine on the most romantic medium-priced dinner the world has ever witnessed – good for you. We can’t wait to see the pics on Instagram.

However, you did miss a First Dates Ireland first.

The V-day special was an emotional rollercoaster for many RTÉ viewers, not only because they were huddled up in bed on their own, but because of the tender subject matters First Dates Ireland showcased.

Transgender David, who was born male but is looking to complete a medical transition into female, was welcomed to the show as the first transgender on First Dates Ireland.

Hitting the hearts of Twitter fans hard, David immediately opened up about his feelings regarding society, and the fact he receives abuse on the streets regarding his gender.

Asked what would be the one thing he would change about his life, David responded:

“I’d change society.

“I know a lot of people would expect me to say that I would change the fact that I was born male, but I think the problem doesn’t start with you as an individual.”

“I think everyone has the right to be who they are.”

David opened up to his date, pansexual Kyle, about plans to change his gender, in particular with a name change to Lylah within the next month.

Twitter erupted with joy, applauding the stepping stones First Dates Ireland had taken with their inclusion of members from LGBT community.


On the date and Kyle spoke of his heartbreaking trauma having been diagnosed with testicular cancer at 17, which went on to spread to his lungs and abdomen.

Eighteen months later he had chemotherapy, a day before his birthday, although he jested about the topic to keep his date at ease.

Although both David and Kyle enjoyed the experience the duo decided not to follow up with a second date.

Channel 4’s First Dates Valentine’s Special will air on Friday 16, February, 2018, at 9pm.

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