First Dates can switch between heart-wrenching to heart-warming in a flash.

Channel 4s long-serving dating series has become a popular part of UK TV culture, airing two seasons each year with a spin-off First Dates Hotel show adding a delicious cherry on the top.

With the latest 2019 season soon coming to a close, Fred Sirieix and the gang are looking for new contestants to join them on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about the casting process!

June and Giovanni

Has First Dates finished?


Episode 7 (Tuesday, May 28th) ended with an advertisement on how the Channel 4 series was looking for new daters.

This prompted many viewers into thinking that the 2019 season had finished.

Fear not, however, First Dates will continue to air every Tuesday night across June.

How to apply for First Dates

Both First Dates and First Dates Hotel accept applicants throughout the year.

To state your interest, simply submit a quick application form on the TwentyTwenty website.

You’re practically 10 questions away from finding the love of your life… on TV!

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Maria and Albert
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Maria and Albert

First Dates: Casting process

Step 1: Apply – The application form is more than just ticking yes/no boxes.

You need to explain in detail who your perfect candidate would be, listing their physical and personal qualities.

A detailed account of yourself, past relationships and why you want to feature on the show is also expected.

Step 2: Wait your turn – First Dates will get back to you via email or phone should your application be successful.

However, even in this instance, it’s likely to be a long wait.

First Dates prides itself with setting up the best first-time daters, with some couples even going on to tie the knot.

It’s likely that C4 have a large database of personnel who want to be on the show, matching together personality types over time.

Step 3: Get yourself to London – Most TV shows expect you to pop in for a chat before they go ahead and cast you.

You know, just to check you’re not a psychopath.

It’s likely that producers will ask to meet you in London – or a closer Channel 4 location – to talk through the process of filming and to check you’re the right for filming.

However, this may not always be the case.

Step 4: You’re on First Dates!

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Albert
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Albert

Where is First Dates filmed?

The series has always been filmed in London at the same restaurant.

Opposite St Paul’s Cathedral, the First Dates restaurant goes by the name of Paternoster Chop House.

Fred Sirieix is the real-life restaurant manager while the likes of CiCi Coleman, Merlin and the rest of the First Dates staff work at the restaurant either full-time or specifically for filming.

Cast or not, you can dine at Paternoster Chop House any time!


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