Channel 4 series First Dates is developing a portfolio of spin-off shows following the success of its original dating platform.

This year, we’ve seen First Dates Hotel season 2 and a very special Celebrity First Dates episode in aid of Stand Up to Cancer.

Now, however, it’s time to welcome back the big dog!

First Dates series 11 is just around the corner – here is everything you need to know!

FIRST DATES series 11

FIRST DATES series 11

When Does First Dates Return?

The new series of First Dates will return to Channel 4 on Monday, October 29th.

From then, series 11 will continue to air every Monday night on C4, at 10 pm.

How Many Episodes are There?

Most First Dates series now air for around 10-12 episodes – more than double the number of episodes when the show first launched in 2013.

This will keep your Monday evenings fully booked until Christmas!

Realtiytitbit would like to apologize for using the C word in October.

FIRST DATES series 11

FIRST DATES series 11

How to Watch First Dates Online

If 10 pm is way past your bedtime or Monday evening is home to your own date night, then you can always catch up with season 11 online.

Every single First Dates series is available online via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4.

Episodes from season 11 will be uploaded shortly after it finishes airing – around an hour or two.


First Dates on YouTube

As First Dates is a Channel 4-only production, the only way to catch up with the series is via the ALL4 player.

However, five-minute highlight videos of each date are uploaded to the First Dates YouTube channel.

You also get a glimpse at how the First Dates format has been adopted across the world, with playlists that include First Dates Hotel and First Dates Australia.

The most popular video has 2.4 million views!





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