Fans of First Dates were treated to an explosive episode five, with Cecilia and Viv almost coming to blows over the bill.

Needless to say, it sparked an old-age question in the dating game.

Who should pay the pill?

The Women Should Pay the Bill

Powerful 23-year-old parliamentary advisor Cecilia was NOT happy when her date refused to let her pay the bill.

The pair jostled for the card reader at the end of their date, ruining a previously romantic dinner.





Eventually, Cecilia and Viv decided to split the bill, although the argument had tainted the evening.

Cecilia said: It actually frustrated me a lot that he did that. I thought it was completely irrational. It was really quite unnecessary and quite uncalled for.”



Twitter had various opinions on this subject.

Some felt but that C was simply overpowering.

Others believed that Viv should have caved in, given Cecilia’s relentless assertiveness that she wanted to pay the bill.

The Man Should Pay the Bill

Viv was under the impression that to pay for the bill was a “gentlemanly” move, and that a man should always do the honours on a first date.

However, the argument that transpired – where Viv told Cecilia to shut up – wasn’t exactly a textbook gentleman’s move.



This is where Twitter was divided the most.

Some felt that the man should always pay, while others fiercely protested against the ‘outdated’ concept of being a gentleman.

You Should Split the Bill

Popularly known a ‘going Dutch’, we witnessed the other couple (and the majority of First Dates) comfortably agree to split the bill.

Former 1980’s pop-star and Curiosity Killed The Cat band member Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot split the bill with his date, Sarah.

Albeit with a weird story on paying for sex.

Social media felt most at home here, with splitting the bill the most preferred option for a date.

Of course, unless someone is going absolutely mental at the prospect of not being able to pay – AKA Cecilia.

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