A tragic tale of loss on First Dates - Sally reveals to her date how she lost her husband in the 2004 tsunami

A tragic tale of loss on First Dates - Sally reveals to her date how she lost her husband in the 2004 tsunami

Channel 4 has brought back First Dates for a brand new series which kicked off last Wednesday (April 17th).

So far we have seen our fair share of terrible pranks and quirky couples.

But it was the second episode which really got everyone talking, as a tragic tale of love and loss broke the hearts of viewers across the nation.

Here’s the moment Sally revealed to her date Andy how she lost her husband in a natural disaster that shook the world.

Sally and Andy.

Meet Sally…

Sally Shearing, a 42-year-old IT consultant from Leeds, entered the first dates’ restaurant looking for love.

She explained her dating history as complicated, including dating a policeman who was seeing someone else for two years!

But things in Sally’s love life, as we went on to find out, had a much more tragic backstory than just the cheating copper…

What happened to Sally’s husband?

Sally revealed that her husband, Jonathan Hughes, had passed away during the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami which happened on Boxing Day 2004.

She detailed the shocking events when the tsunami hit the beach bungalow her and Jonathan were staying in on the island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

Sally described how “everything went black” and she awoke from being knocked unconscious to find “bodies everywhere”.

Jonathan was one of over a quarter of a million people who died in the natural disaster.

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 – Sally

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 – Sally

Was Sally alright in the tsunami?

According to a BBC report, she suffered from a broken kneecap and cuts all over her body.

But Sally was saved from the worst of the danger when she was rescued by locals and hauled on to the third storey of a hotel building.

However, it was the heartbreak of losing Jonathan which was the hardest thing for Sally to recover from and viewers were desperate for her to find love!


Are Sally and Andy together?

Although their first date was a success and they agreed to see each other again, it seems things have not worked out for this couple.

Sally is now with a partner, Barry McBride and the two seem very much in love.

They also seem to have been together for quite a while on and off, with couple pics dating back to 2017!

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 – Sally and Andy.




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