Awkward moment rundown: Are Safina and Jack the most unsuited First Dates couple ever?

Awkward moment rundown: Are Safina and Jack the most unsuited First Dates couple ever?

First Dates brings together strangers to meet for a blind date and usually they end in success.

But there are the odd occasions where the couples are so unsuited, that the date is painfully awkward for viewers to watch!

Episode 2 (Tuesday, April 23rd) of the latest season provided us with just that with fire-breathing Safina Dobbs and cheeky chap Jack.

So what was so awkward about these two? Here is a rundown of the moments that made audiences want to cover their eyes!

Jack and Safina

An awkward introduction

Although they are definitely each others’ type on paper, things didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts for this couple.

As Jack struggled to pronounce Safina’s name numerous times, she didn’t seem bowled over by her date.

Skip to 2:25 to see this unfold…

The fish issue

Even Laura, the waitress, didn’t look impressed with Jack’s fishy knowledge.

Despite being a pescetarian, Jack did not even know if the bream had “fish in it”.

After questioning whether the fish would have bones, Laura and Safina couldn’t help but share a giggle at Jack’s expense…

Jack’s fishy blunder.

‘Jack the Lad’

Safina wasn’t susceptible to Jack’s charm in any way, in fact, she found it arrogant rather than charming!

Despite his protests that he is not a lad “in any way”, Safina wasn’t convinced.

…And it didn’t help when Jack retorted “listen, geezers gonna geez”.

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 – Safina.



The Henry VIII blunder

History buff Safina was at the end of her wits by the end of the date.

It didn’t help matters when Jack couldn’t remember how many wives Henry VIII had either!

These two definitely weren’t meant to be, that’s for certain.

Safina and Jack.

Safina and Jack.

Twitter reacts to the awkward date

Fans of the show were quick to react to the painful date.

Some fans even said they would never watch the show again if Safina said yes to another date with Jack!

Check out some of the best reactions below.



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