First Dates is back on our screens to round off a successful year of dating and draw 2019 to its close. Series 13 kicked off on Tuesday, November 12th at 10 pm.

In episode 2 (Tuesday, November 19th), viewers were introduced to Italians Marco and Chiara, care workers Sue and Bernard and northerners Jennifer and Andy. It was an episode filled with love and successful match-making!

However, there was one couple who viewers could tell were not meant to last: Daniel and Luka.

Here’s why their First Dates date had us all – and Luka herself – cringing…

Pictured: Daniel and Luka

First Dates: Daniel and Luka

The First Dates match-making team always have a lot riding on them when selecting the couples for each blind date. But in this instance, there was double the pressure, as it was Luka’s first ever date!

The 20-year-old criminology student from London had yet to go on a date or have a relationship before she stepped foot into the Paternoster Chop House, but she was hoping that her First Dates experience would change all of that. And why not just jump in the deep end?


She was paired with 23-year-old classical musician and singer Daniel from Birmingham. Although you wouldn’t take him for a Brummie with his accent… he claimed to have “watched too many Hugh Grant films when [he] was younger,” hence his very southern twang.

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Cringe-worthy date

As soon as Daniel arrived in the First Dates restaurant, he showed off his singing chops and discussed how he was a very high tenor. Impressing both barman Merlin and Fred Sirieix, Daniel hoped he could woo Luka with his vocal prowess.

However, his singing mid-date made Luka more awkward than anything else.

She begged him to stop singing leaving viewers everywhere cringing! Now that’s not how to impress…

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

Was the date a success?

To the surprise of all, Luka and Daniel actually wanted to see each other again. Even after she threatened to shoot him if he sang once more.

But it wasn’t surprising to find out that after their second date, things between the couple cooled off.

Channel 4 posted an update at the end of the episode saying they decided against a third date. It is unknown where the couple is now or if they are dating anyone new. Reality Titbit has contacted Channel 4 for an update, so we’ll keep you all in the loop for the latest on Luka and Daniel!

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Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD