In the final episode of First Dates series 13 (Tuesday, December 17th), viewers were introduced to nerdy daters Tyler and Sinead, saucy older daters David and Janet, and chatterboxes Casey and Matthew.

But the pair who really hit it off were Welshies Andrew and Jessica.

The date between the hairdresser and part-time model/part-time DJ went so well that Jess was carried off into the sunset!

We found DJ Andrew on Instagram to see what happened next with the couple and what Andrew is up to now.

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E6 – 4oD

Who is Andrew?

Andrew Battuta is a 33-year-old model who is originally from North Wales but now lives in Shrewsbury.

He explained that he works part-time as a model (particularly underwear and swimwear to the delight of Jess) and part-time as a DJ under the name ‘Freak Unique’.

When Andrew is not working as either of those, he “spray paints kitchens.”

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What happened on Andrew’s First Date?

Andrew was matched up by the First Dates team with Welsh hairdresser Jess (25).

Things went swimmingly well for these two, bonding over House and Techno music, their love of drinking and the fact that Jessica “ticked all his boxes.”

At the end of the date they decided that they definitely wanted to see each other again. And then things got more serious as the pair shared a steamy kiss and Andrew carried Jess off, Prince Charming style.

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Screenshot: First Dates S13 E6 – 4oD

Andrew on Instagram

Andrew has two Instagram profiles, one for his modelling, the other for his DJ page.

His main profile has 5,475 followers and counting, as of December 17th, 2019. But Freak Unique has less followers, with just over 1,000.

Check Andrew out on Instagram @aj_battuta and his DJ profile @freak_unique_official.

One thing we found from Andrew’s Instagram is that he doesn’t follow Jessica… so, we don’t think anything happened after First Dates for these two.



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