First Dates is back in 2020 with a brand new series.

Cue the tissues at 9 pm as the show often has viewers crying with tears of laughter as well as sadness. It brings together people who have often been through a lot in life and are looking for a shot at finding ‘the one’.

Everyone, young and old enters the First Dates restaurant hoping for the best, episode 1 of the new series kicked off on Thursday, February 20th on Channel 4.

Someone looking for Mrs Right during episode 2 of the series was Josh Bennett.

first dates 2020 josh

Screenshot: First Dates 2020 Josh episode 2 – Channel 4

First Dates 2020: Meet Josh

Josh Bennett was one of the hopeful daters on episode 2 of First dates (Thursday, February 27th).

The 27-year-old works as an actor and entertainer. He said: “My mum and granddad were both in Star Wars, they were Ewoks. I just followed their footsteps. I was a goblin in Harry Potter.”

As well as body doubling for Peter Dinklage, Josh said he’s also fed Mariah Carey ice cream during his career.

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Josh’s date

Actor Josh kicked off his date with 29-year-old housing support worker Lori.

The 4 ft 11 beauty was the down-to-earth woman Josh was after.

The charity worker opened up during their dinner and spoke of her difficult childhood.


Lori said: “Everyone says ‘you’re a big kid’. And I’m like, ‘yeah I am a big kid’. I think it’s because I didn’t really get to be a kid, I was always thinking ‘where’s my next meal going to come from?'”

We didn’t have beds, we slept on the floorboards. I didn’t have a toothbrush until I was about 10. No electric and no gas.

Lori added: “It was my motivation to change my life. That’s why I’ve gotten into the job I’ve gone into.”

first dates 2020 josh

Screenshot: First Dates 2020 episode 2 – Channel 4

Is Josh on social media?

Yes! Josh is on Twitter as @MrJoshBennett with over 5, 500 followers.

He’s also on Instagram under the same handle with a further 1,000 followers.

Josh writes in his Instagram bio: “Actor/Entertainer/Performer. C4 Seven Dwarves, Harry Potter & London Palladium Snow White 2018/19.”

The 27-year-old has previously had some press coverage. The Daily Mail reported in 2012 that Josh shared “a night of passion” with Jenny Thompson. Jenny was covered in the news in 2010 for claiming that she slept with Wayne Rooney.

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