We can always count on First Dates to bring us some emotional telly on a Thursday night. And Thursday, February 27th saw episode 2 of the new 2020 series air.

The Channel 4 show gives us a lot of laughs, but there was something that really rubbed viewers of the show the wrong way in February 2020. Wandering into the First Dates restaurant looking for love in episode 2 was part-time actor Rob.

The First Dates star had something very important to tell his date, Donna. So, what happened on Rob and Donna’s date? Why are viewers so outraged?

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Screenshot: First Dates 2020 Rob and Donna – Channel 4

First Dates 2020: Meet Rob and Donna

Episode 2 of First Dates saw a variety of couples on their hunt for love.

Rob, 53, hails from Ealing and revealed on the show that he has 10 children.

The poor guy hadn’t been on a date in 20 years and we’d be surprised if he fancied going on one again any time soon after his First Dates experience.

Rob admitted that he was nervous and said that he has six children that live with him, but 10 children altogether.

Rob said:

Who’s gonna want to come back to a house full like the Waltons?

His date, Donna, 56, a retired Butlins entertainer, later entered the restaurant. Rob laid his cards out on the table pretty early on and Donna didn’t seem disheartened by his huge family. However, things didn’t stay peachy for long…

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Teaching’s not great money, is it?

The first blow of the date really came when Donna remarked: “Teaching’s not great money, is it?” in reply to Rob explaining what his full-time job was.

The course of Rob and Donna’s conversation made it clear that she was aware of his financial hardship in raising 10 children.

The dad-of-10 explained how he’d been single four years as his wife had been “messing around” behind his back.

Donna and Rob proceeded to get to know each other more while digging into their meals.


Screenshot: First Dates 2020 – Channel 4

Rob’s dad duties

Rob explained that his youngest child was five years old. And from their clothes to school uniforms, transport and the weekly food shop which includes 14-16 litres of milk, there were a lot of outgoings to list.

The 53-year-old added that he has to do the house chores for Donna to say: “I don’t like housework, I like going out and having fun too much.”


Donna didn’t seem to have much sympathy overall and said:

Did you not think of that when you were having them all?

First Dates 2020 Rob and Donna: The dreaded bill

Things really took a turn for the worst when the bill was plonked on the table during Donna and Rob’s date.

Rob discovered the bill on the table and began to turn a shade of beetroot. While he scanned the receipt there wasn’t a word from Donna which left viewers in shock.

One Twitter user said: “Why did she not split the bill or even offer to pay? He was clearly shocked when he saw the bill and too polite to request she pay her own way! Unbelievable entitled behaviour on her part…. just so shameful.”

First Dates 2020 Rob and Donna https://www.channel4.com/programmes/first-dates-exclusive-box-set/on-demand/71134-004

Screenshot: First Dates 2020 Rob and Donna – Channel 4

The final nail in the coffin came when Donna and Rob had to say whether they’d see one another again. They both said no. Then Donna said that “it worried her” that Rob paid the bill and that the kids would probably have to eat beans on toast for the rest of the week.

It’s safe to say viewers weren’t happy:

Felt sorry for that guy with ten kids. Woman could have at least offered him half. Instead of making jokes about beans on toast.

Some even suggested that First Dates reimburse the dad-of-10.




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