First Dates is back on Channel 4 this winter with a whole new cast of singletons in need of some help in the dating area.

While episode 4 (Tuesday, December 3rd) had some dating successes, there was one date, in particular, that cringed out viewers beyond belief.

Corine was seeking her Prince Charming in the form of an older, more affluent man. But sadly, her charm did not rub off on her date, James. And it definitely did not rub off on viewers either.

The whole episode, viewers took to Twitter to brand Corine a gold digger!

Here’s what went down during Corine’s First Dates experience and what everyone had to say about it.

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E4 – 4oD

Who is Corine from First Dates?

Corine is a 26 year old from London who was looking for her Prince Charming at the Paternoster Chop House.


Single for five years, Corine had not found the right guy yet. She described her “Mr perfect is Pierce Brosnan.”

Corine explained: “I like an older guy because they’re normally a lot more mature. I’d like to meet a nice, affluent guy. I like the finer things in life.”

So, not much for the First Dates matchmaking team to deal with then!

Corine used to work as an air hostess and lived in Dubai, but it is unconfirmed what she now does in London.

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Corine and James’ date

Corine was matched with 38-year-old investment bank project manager James from Southend-On-Sea.

James seemed like the perfect date for Corine on paper, as he admitted he liked treating his partner like a princess and treating her to the finer things.

But, unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as Corine may have hoped on their date.

After a series of awkward encounters in which Corine forgot the questions she had already asked James, he didn’t look so impressed with his match. Even though Corine tried to defend herself by saying “I say stupid things all the time!”

When Corine excused her self to the ladies’ room, things were going so badly that James held his head in his hands and swore. Now, that’s not a great sign on a first date.

It ended with James saying they’d be “great friends” but that there was nothing romantic between them.

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Screenshot: First Dates S13 E4 – 4oD

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E4 – 4oD

Corine fails to impress

Not only was James not impressed with his date, viewers were shocked at how she acted. Particularly when she called James “too immature” for her!

Inevitably, fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Corine and the majority of them weren’t kind.

From calling her a gold digger to claiming she should be a sugar baby, the vast majority of Tweeters weren’t impressed with her romantic pursuits of a rich, old man.

One viewer commented that “Corine can’t be for real? Surely to god? She’s like an actual parody from a sketch show.” Another stated it was “like watching a car-crash happen in slow motion.”