First Dates: Hearts MELT for dad of two J - “I’m unlucky”

Fans of First Dates were rooting for dad of two J, as series 10 of the Channel 4 dating show kicked off in dramatic style.

The 30-year-old finance manager came across as confident, charming and a ladies’ man when man on-camera.

However, his heartfelt confessions to date Sophie proved otherwise.

By the end of First Dates episode one, everybody wanted a man like J as their hubby…

Screen Shot: J – First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: J – First Dates, C4

Welcome to Compliment City

J got straight to work on his date, complimenting her dress and hair on arrival before cooing Sophie with romantic appraisal long before the appetisers had arrived.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

J told stories to keep Soph laughing, chatting about how he had once “grinded behind a man” thinking it was a girl.

He then realised his mix-up upon noticing a rather striking “Adam’s apple” in the smoking area.

Screen Shot: J’s date SOPHIE – First Dates, C4

Combined with more compliments, J’s date was on fire, and fans on Twitter could tell that he was sincere, not just complimenting for the sake of so-called date etiquette.

Story Behind the Ink

J confessed that he had been single for a year and a half, with his true persona a far cry from the cheeky Chippenham lad that often comes across.

The down-to-earth geezer completed a touching piece to camera where he explained that his sleeve tattoo was a cover-up from a boiling water accident that happened when he was 18 months old.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Not only explaining the life-changing incident to his date, J took the time to send a message to his mum.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

J explained that “all he knew was bullying” for the first seven years of his life, having been picked on for his scars.

Screen Shot: J’s tattoo – First Dates, C4

J said: “There were times when I used to grab a metal scouring brush and try to scrub it all off (the scars) … and it would just scratch my arm to pieces.”

A Match Made in Heaven?

J’s date, 28-year-old Sophie, giggled and jested with every playful anecdote her date presented.

Having been cheated on during her past two relationships, the emotionally mature man sat in front of her looked like he could be the perfect match.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

The pair both agreed to see each other again and were even spotted heading off in a taxi together, pointing the driver in the direction of the nearest bar.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Watch First Dates every Wednesday night, on Channel 4, at 10 pm.

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