Channel 4 hit dating series First Dates has seen its fair share of oddball characters from bizarre backgrounds.

But episode 4 (Tuesday, April 30th) saw something entirely new.

Enter Melissa Denton, a mother-of-two who is married to herself, but is now seeking love with another on the show.

Here’s everything you need to know about the married missus.

Damien and Melissa, S12 E3.

Melissa Denton: bio

Melissa is a 42-year-old mother of two from Weymouth, Dorset.

She is the co-founder and current Director of Medisave, a supplier of hospital equipment.

We found Mel’s Insta @meldenton256, but unfortunately, it’s private!

But the biggest surprise of the episode was Melissa’s reveal that she practices sologamy – the act of marriage or having a relationship with one’s self.

Can Melissa be married to herself?

After two divorces and her partner of five and a half years leaving her in January 2018, Melissa thought she’d take the leap and marry herself.

She was inspired to say “I do” to herself after seeing an interview with Sophie Tanner, who symbolically wed herself in 2015 after her partner cheated.

While it is not legal in the UK, a symbolic wedding ceremony is still a must!

Melissa shelled out £4,000 to celebrate the day and invited 130 guests to celebrate her wedding with her to get hitched in June 2018.

Episode 3 preview: Melissa showing pictures of her wedding.

What did her family say about the wedding?

Melissa detailed the reasons she married herself in The Daily Telegraph, and shared her family’s response to this choice:

My children, Ruby, 15, and Jasper, 11, reacted by groaning: ‘Oh, here we go again.’

But out of all of her family members, Melissa admitted that her “80-year-old mother who was the hardest to convince”. But, she continues, “like everyone else, though, she soon came around”.

What happened with Damien?

Her date for the evening was Damien, a masseuse and hypnotherapist who was looking to find his soulmate on the show.

But Damien was seriously thrown when he saw a ring on Melissa’s wedding finger and even more thrown to discover she was married to herself!

We don’t think this couple will work out, although Mel did say she’d invite Damien to her vow renewals.

First Dates E3 preview: A confused Damien.


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