First Dates is officially back on our screens in 2019. The brand new thirteenth season kicked off on Tuesday, November 12th at the slightly later time of 10 pm… something to do with I’m A Celebrity, perhaps?

So far, in episode 1 we have met Hull-based Tom who made the viewers swoon and adorable Dottie, who went on her first date in 51 years!

Episode 2 (Tuesday, November 19th) introducers viewers to handsome Italian couple, Marco and Chiara.

So, what went down on Marco and Chiara’s First Date? Here’s how it unfolded…

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

Meet Marco

Marco is a 25-year-old recruitment consultant from Grays, Essex, who uses his half-Italian heritage to wow the women. But it didn’t do much for his date, Chiara, who is Italian herself!

The Essex lad went on the series as he had “failed to find the right one” back home, and was hoping for a little help from the Channel 4 matchmakers in the romantic department.

Completely Marco’s “type of paper” was 23-year-old Chiara.

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The great big food debate

The First Dates team may have hoped that this would be a match made in Italian heaven, but this couple butted heads from the get-go.

Things weren’t looking good from the outset as Marco revealed his go-to takeaway would be “a Chinese. Special chow mein and chips.” Chiara didn’t look all to impressed with his choices and called chips with a Chinese takeout “breaking the law.”

But the food debate continued as Marco and Chiara started to talk Italian traditions.

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD
Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD
Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

First it was the pasta eating debate and then it turned to which meat to use for a traditional carbonara.

These two just could not agree!

But on the one hand, their disagreements helped in the romantic department as Marco admitted: “I probably fancy you more when you’re angry. Angry, shouting in Italian… I plan on p***ing you off just so you can shout.”

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD
Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD
Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

That’s amore

Despite all of the debates and disagreements over what was traditional, the date was a hit!

Both Chiara and Marco agreed that they wanted to see each other again. When Marco asked Chiara if she fancied him, she responded “just a little bit,” but they both agreed that on a scale from one to ten, they both liked each other an eight. Now, that’s a pretty high rating!

They ended their date holding hands and sharing a sweet kiss before heading to a bar for another drink.

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Screenshot: First Dates S13 E2 – 4oD

Are they still dating?


We found Marco on Instagram and from the looks of his profile, things didn’t work out between him and his date. Marco neither follows nor is followed by anyone on Insta called Chiara and his profile is filled with pics of him living his best single life.

You can follow Marco on Instagram @marco_crow.



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