First Dates: Who are Abi and Adam and are they still together?

Fans were delighted when First Dates returned earlier this month. Fred is back tonight (Monday 20th September) for more First Dates action!

From flirty exchanges to awkward eye contact, the hit series has been matching singles of all ages with their perfect match over a gourmet meal.

Keep reading to find out everything about urologist Abi and accountant Adam and whether they chose to see each other again.

Who is Abi?

Abi is a 33-year-old urologist from Birmingham, so she is no stranger to the male anatomy. She also thinks that sometimes her job can intimidate men.

When the bartender asked how she was feeling on the first date, Abi shrugged and replied with “fine” because she didn’t want her nerves to get the better of her.

In terms of her perfect match, she is looking for someone “kind and really genuine”. Not only that but her dream guy must be “tall”, “relaxed” and “confident” and someone who can calm her down.

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Who is Adam?

Adam is a 34-year-old accountant who is also from Birmingham. He has been single for two years.

He said that when asked by work colleagues why he is still single he admits that he is overly fussy and doesn’t warrant being as fussy as he has been.

In a partner, Adam is looking for someone who is “quite bubbly and fun”. He spoke candidly about having no one to speak to and coming home alone which was one of the reasons he decided to appear on the show.

What happened on the show?

On their date, Abi and Adam hit it off straight away and the entire date was full of laughter.

Adam decided that he wanted to see Abi again, and she seemed delighted at the prospect of a second date.

Unfortunately, Abi and Adam weren’t meant to be, and both are still on the search for their perfect match.



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