How to WATCH First Dates online – From season 1-11!

How to WATCH First Dates online - From season 1-11!

First Dates is back with season 11 launching on Monday, October 29th.

The popular Channel 4 dating series has been airing since 2013 and has been adapted in 12 different countries over the past five years.

Here’s a rundown of how you can watch First Dates online, with a little bit of guidance on which series are perfect to binge watch!

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Rachel and Ash, series 3, episode 5

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Rachel and Ash, series 3, episode 5

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Rachel and Ash, series 3, episode 5

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel Rachel and Ash, series 3, episode 5

Watch First Dates on Channel 4

First up, you may want to watch each live First Dates episode. You know, so you can join in with what’s trending on Twitter.

To do so, simply tune in to Channel 4 every Monday night at 10 pm.

The brand new series will continue to air every Monday until late December.

How to Watch First Dates Online

If 10 pm is way past your bedtime or Monday evening is home to your own date night, then you can always catch up with season 11 online.

Every single First Dates series is available online via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4.

Episodes from season 11 will be uploaded shortly after it finishes airing – expect it there by midnight.

FIRST DATES – Lee and Abbi

Best Seasons to Binge Watch?

As ALL4 boasts every single season since First Dates started, it’d be rude not to binge watch a few of their best series.

Series 1 – Definitely worth a watch, even if it’s to see a younger and even more handsome Fred Sirieix. As C4 were testing out the new platform the series is only six episodes long, meaning you can squeeze it into one single bed day.

Series 4 – This popular season launched in 2015 as Channel 4 started to get more experimental with the dates they brought onto the show. A wider range of ages, genders and sexualities introduced us to the likes of 82-year-old Harv. There are a colossal 15 episodes to get through including a special Christmas episode where three first-time daters return for a second crack at the whip.


Series 7 – The 17-episode 2017 version basically had everything you could want and more – Olympians, vegans, sexagenarians and an octogenarian.

Series 10 – Perhaps the best season in First Dates history, season 10 had the perfect mix of hilarious and tender dating moments. There’s perfect gentleman Steve, who finds out that date Lyn is bisexual and pregnant. Also, Jordan and William, whose date comes to an abrupt halt when they think they could be distantly related. Overall, series 10 is the most culturally reflective as well, as it unintentionally tackles the stereotypes surrounding who should pay the bill.

Other First Dates Online Options

Although the latest series isn’t uploaded, there is a selection of full First Dates U.K series and episodes available on Daily Motion. Eventually, season 11 will come to Daily Motion, so you just have to hang tight for now.

Likewise, Sidereel has series 1-8 on their free streaming platform. You can also watch highlights via the First Dates YouTube channel should you not have access to the ALL4 player.




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