Love Island: Jordan and Ched’s Nigerian connection blows up Twitter - even Amber Gill chips in!

In last night’s episode (Monday, February 10th), a simple conversation between Jordan Waobikeze and Ched Uzor has led to the two gaining plenty of fans.

In what started out as Jordan seeking some relationship advice from Ched, the two embraced their Nigerian heritage, speaking in both the accent and dialect.

The representation of Nigerian culture quickly blew up on Twitter and plenty of Love Island fans were all for Team Ched and Jordan!

It’s a shame things had to turn out so badly for Jordan by the end of the episode…

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E26 – ITV Hub

Jordan’s Nigerian heritage

Jordan Waobikeze is a 24-year-old administrator from London.

In his Instagram bio, Jordan has three flags – Nigeria, Wales, Great Britain. It can be assumed that this makes up Jordan’s heritage.

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One Twitter user reported that Jordan’s father is Nigerian, so it could be that his mother is Welsh.

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Is Ched also Nigerian?

Many have assumed Ched to be Nigerian, thanks to Uzor being a Nigerian name. But unlike Jordan, Ched has not referenced his Nigerian heritage anywhere.

Love Island fans have taken to Twitter to reveal that Jordan and Ched are both Igbo. They have also repeatedly shared Nigerian flags along with the clip of Jordan and Ched having a conversation.

Igbo makes up just 18% of the Nigerian population, compared to the larger ethnic groups Hausa and Fulani (29%), and Yoruba (21%).

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E26 – ITV Hub

Ched and Jordan’s conversation explained

Jordan sought out Ched for a little wisdom regarding his situation with Rebecca Gormley. Despite the two hitting it off in Casa Amor, Jordan wasn’t feeling the spark between them.

While speaking about how he was looking for “someone to wife,” Ched and Jordan began to speak more and more so in a Nigerian accent. They even began to speak in Nigerian Pidgin, a lingua franca across Nigeria and other countries such as the UK.

For those who do not know the accent nor the dialect this may have gone straight over their head. Twitter users were quick to poke fun at that too, one adding: “Fiat 500 missed that lol”

What did Amber Gill have to say?

Even Amber Gill jumped in on the conversation between Ched and Jordan, sharing her (sarcastic) thoughts to Twitter.

Amber Tweeted:

Call me old fashioned but I was raised to serve my man I was taught to cook for him clean for him stay home raise the kids do his laundry and to take care of his every need. NEVER make him suffer BE HIS PEACE.

Amber is referencing the comments Jordan made in the conversation about a relationship. He said: “I don’t want to suffer, I just want peace.”

A chunk of her fans didn’t get that Amber was making a joke about the conversation between the two.




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