First Dates is back on Channel 4 this winter with a whole new cast of singletons in need of some help in the dating area.

Episode 4 (Tuesday, December 3rd) saw two models head to the Paternoster Chop House to be set up by the First Dates matchmaking team. And not only did they look perfect together, but their date was a roaring success.

But just who is Tahiry from the episode?

We’ve done some digging and found Tahiry on Instagram. Check out the model here!

Screenshot: First Dates S13 E4 – 4oD

Who is Tahiry?

Tahiry is a 23-year-old model originally from Madagascar but now living in London.

In the episode, Tahiry explained that she was adopted by a couple who were working in Madagascar and then they moved to England when she was just 2 years old.

Tahiry has been part-time modelling for two years and is currently represented by Seed Agency. You can find out more about Seed Agency through their Instagram here.

When she’s not modelling, Tahiry spends all of her time singing. However, her lack of confidence in the performance department and tendency to have stage fright meant that her music career was not taking off in the way she wanted.

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Tahiry and Omar on First Dates

Tahiry was matched with part-time model and aspiring fashion designer Omar.

The couple hit it off on their date and opened up about their own personal struggles. Tahiry told Omar about her adoption story and even opened up about the fact she had a 4 year old daughter.

Omar then opened up about his failed career as a runner which was ruined after an injury.

At the end of their date, both decided that they wanted to see each other again and were planning another date.

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Screenshot: First Dates S13 E4 – 4oD

We found Tahiry on Instagram

If you were a fan of Tahiry’s on First Dates and want to know more about the stunning model, the best place to keep up to date with her is on Insta.

It’s no surprise that Tahiry already has tonnes of followers. She had over 3,600 even before the episode aired!

You can check out Tahiry on Instagram @itstahiryy.x

Although Tahiry follows someone called Omar, it is not the man from the episode, so we don’t think anything has progressed between the two.

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