Who are the staff on First Dates series 11? - Do they REALLY work there?

Who are the staff on First Dates series 11? - Do they REALLY work there?

First Dates is back with season 11 launching tonight (Monday, October 26th).

The Channel 4 series will continue to air almost up to Christmas, featuring on C4 at 9 pm every Monday.

Fans of the popular dating series will be familiar with the charming staff that star on the show.

Fred Sirieix ushers the guests to their seats while barman Merlin does his cocktail magic to keep the nervy first-time dates at ease. But who are all these colourful characters?

Do they work at the First Dates restaurant in real life?

Screen Shot: Fist Dates staff Laura and Austin – Channel 4, series 10, episode 7

First Dates: Fred Sirieix

Fred Sirieix is easily the most recognisable character on the Channel 4 series and the show would certainly be less popular without him.

The 46-year-old is originally from France but moved to London to continue his development as a Maître d’hôtel 25 years ago – a fancy word for the head of a restaurant.

Fred is the head manager of First Dates restaurant, which is known as Paternoster Chop House when it’s not a Monday night.

Located right next to St Paul’s Cathedral on Warwick Court, this means you can pop in for a sensational meal and enjoy the novelty of seeing Fred-star in action.

Thanks to Fred’s natural charm and charisma he has gone on to other reality TV success, such as Road Trip on ITV, and now has over 140,000 followers on Instagram!

Earlier this year, Fred split up with his wife of 12 years, who he has two children with. However, he has recently been spotted with a new partner.

First Dates: Merlin Griffiths

Perhaps one of the most underrated cast members on First Dates, Merlin Griffiths is the cocktail guru who keeps the guests entertained before they take their seat for dinner.

Merlin met his girlfriend of over 10 years at a cocktail competition. Obviously, a competition he won.

They also had their first child together a few years ago.

It’s likely that Merlin only works at the Paternoster Chop House when First Dates is being filmed, considering the 41-year-old owns his own pub in Kilburn, London.

If you ever fancy popping in, it’s called Priory Tavern Kilburn.

First Dates: CiCi Coleman

Blonde-haired beauty CiCi Coleman is another recognisable star from First Dates, and she’s used her fame to launch her career down other avenues.

The 31-year-old (yes, 31, we know she doesn’t look it!) has amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram since starring on the C4 series in series 3.

She never actually worked at the restaurant full-time but simply comes in for First Dates filming.

CiCi does have waitress experience, though, but has propelled her career towards social media influencing, modelling and even personal training of late.

First Dates: Laura Trott and Sam Conrad

Both Laura Trott and Sam Conrad joined CiCi in series 3 and have been key players in the series ever since.

There have always been rumours of CiCi and Sam dating due to their flirtatious nature at work, although nothing serious ever transpired.

First Dates: Austin Ventour and Grant Urquhart

Newbies Austin Ventour and Grant Grant Urquhart only joined First Dates a few seasons ago.

It’s widely assumed that neither of them work at the restaurant full-time considering they both have small careers in acting and modelling, as well as working in the hospitality industry in real life.

Whether they really work their or not, the pair have quickly become Channel 4 favourites due to their bubbling bromance chemistry.

First Dates: Did you catch the chemistry between these two waiters?




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