Fred Sirieix - Who is his DAD? Why is he on the C4 show?

Tonight (Monday, November 5th) is a very special episode of First Dates.

For the first time in the 11-season history of the dating programme there is a double date, with twins Stephen and Emily embarking on a nervy four-way dinner.

However, this isn’t the main reason we are getting excited.

There’s also a very special appearance from Fred Sirieix’s dad!

Who are the staff on First Dates series 11? Do they REALLY work there?


Who is Fred Sirieix’s Dad?

Ladies and gentleman, we give you Fred Sirieix’s dad.

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He is as equally as charming as his son and has an incredible moustache!

Fred was born on January 27th, 1972, making him 46 years old.

We expect papa Sirieix to be in his late 60s to early 70s.

Is Fred Sirieix’s Dad Single?


Although Fred’s dad turns up to the First Dates restaurant on his own, Fred addressed the issue of whether his old man was single not on Instagram.

Fred explained:

Mum was too busy with the grandchildren.”

Fred’s parents raised him from birth in Limoges, France, where both papa and mumma Sirieix worked in healthcare.

The restaurant manager has always talked fondly about his parents, calling them “inspiring” while growing up.

Eventually, Fred-star moved to England in his early 20’s, where he’s forged a career as a famous Maître d’hôtel and TV personality.

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How to Watch First Dates on TV

Season 11 of First Dates airs on Channel 4 every Monday night.

Each episode lasts 60 minutes and starts at 10 pm.

How Many Episodes are There?

Most First Dates series now air for around 10-12 episodes – more than double the number of episodes when the show first launched in 2013.

This will keep your Monday evenings fully booked until Christmas!

Who are the staff on First Dates series 11? Do they REALLY work there?




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