This season, the Geordie Shore cast are getting a surprise after entering the house. They kind of accidentally went on a dating show…

Abbie Holborn, Amelia Lily, Ant Kennedy, Bethan Kershaw, Chloe Ferry, James Tindale, Louis Shaw, and Nathan Henry are all making return.

Marty McKenna, who last appeared in series 15, is also set to go back to the Geordie Shore house, and this time he is ready for a relationship.

Little do they know that a line-up of singles will be joining them for some dates… and Reality Titbit found all of the newbies on Instagram.


Jay is a 29-year-old rugby player who says he’s looking for a baby mama.

From South Wales, he has his own roofing company as well as being a professional sportsman.

Jay admits that he hasn’t had a relationship that has lasted more than two years, and said he always seems to find women who love drama.

After a few drinks on a night out, Jay is usually found on the dancefloor having a dance and then later getting out his break-dancing moves…


Jack is a 25-year-old construction worker from Cheshire.

Described as ‘The BFG’, he compares himself to a “Picasso painting” with the amount of artwork he has on his body.

He has had one serious relationship that lasted four years.

When it comes to dating, Jack enjoys chatting to multiple women at once, but admits that when it comes to a relationship, he is faithful.


Robyn, a 24-year-old from Hull, is currently working in sales.

She previously went to university in Newcastle, where she loved the nights out. Now, her friends call her the liability of the group.

Her last relationship lasted for a year and a half, but ended once she found out he was engaged. Robyn is now good friends with the ex-wife!

The party animal loves the “buzz and social side” to her job and admits she can “blag her way through anything”.


Roxy, originally from Aberdeen, is a 27-year-old London gal.

The pharmacist, who is Persian Scottish, works in Battersea.

She grew up in a strict Persian household where she led a double life – her parents didn’t even know she drank.

Roxy broke up with her recent ex after they moved in together during lockdown, claiming he would bite his toenails and keep them in his mouth.


Niko, a 27-year-old from London, works in musical theatre alongside his job as a part-time personal trainer.

His go-to dance move is called the “shampoo body wash” – which he argues is “not for beginners”!

He sings to followers on his TikTok, describes himself as “energetic”, “optimistic” and “bananas”, and claims he gets into trouble on nights out.

His celebrity crushes are Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron and Jared Leto.


Cheeky chappy Charlie is a 24-year-old sales consultant.

From Essex, he currently works at a David Lloyd Gym in Chigwell, but previously worked at Ocean Beach in Ibiza for two years.

Charlie has had two long-term relationships in the past, however he revealed his his last one ended because he was cheated on.

His party trick would be tinkering on the piano to impress the girls or at least to get a few free drinks!


India, 24, is from Surrey and works as a personal assistant.

She is also an influencer who claims she has only dated professional athletes. Two are footballers and one plays for the NBA!

The singleton describes herself as “nutty and a bit of a joker”, who doesn’t take life too seriously.

On her requirements list is someone who makes her laugh.


Devon is a 25-year-old dancer from Sheffield.

Usually one to spend his summers in Ibiza and his winters in Dubai, Devon describes himself as a “character” who is “full of energy”.

He has been single for two years, but says he often attracts the “geezer type”, whether they be footballers, builders or boxers.

Devon’s party trick is that he can breathe fire!


Ryan is a 29-year-old nightclub PR and personal trainer from Coventry.

Described as an “international playboy”, he spends his summers abroad working in Ibiza, Las Vegas and Mexico.

Admitting he would rate himself a 7/10, he likes to do something the other person has never done on a date, such as skydiving or cliff jumping.

He’s actually already done these activities on a date before! Ryan also said that his personality “definitely carries him, and having decent abs”.


Jade is a 27-year-old model and horse rider from Yarm.

Having grown up in a place “with more sheep and horses than people”, she has been horse-riding since she was three, and takes part in competitions.

Describing herself as the “life and soul of the party”, Jade is currently single and wants to find someone she can settle down with.

Jade revealed that the guys she dates usually have a hard time with her prison officer dad, who does a background check on each of them.


Nathaniel, 34, from Manchester, works in event management.

He runs his own event management company which specialises in UK tours, festivals and working abroad for students.

Nathan also said he falls in love with people rather than their gender, adding that Chloe Ferry and Ezra Miller are his celebrity crushes.

He describes himself as “outgoing, passionate, extrovert, and the main entertainer in the room”


Brandon, 24, from Bournemouth, is a barber.

He runs his own barbering business called Hendonis Salon, which he recently opened – meaning he has had to sit back from partying.

Ready to make up for lost dating time in the Geordie Shore house, he describes himself as a “Duracell bunny” with all the energy he has.

Brandon has has two serious relationships before, but the rest have been ‘situationships’ that haven’t made it further than a few dates.



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