Every summer on Love Island we get a most-repeated catchphrase, and the 2018 frontrunner is Georgia Steel, who is persisting with the phrase “I’m loyal”.

It’s the new “I’m Miss Great Britain”, or Marcel’s “I was in Blazin’ Squad.”

It might even beat “muggy” or “on paper” for the most-used statement of series four!

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Georgia Steel


Luckily, Twitter has already worked out the risk to your liver if you start playing any Georgia-related drinking games. That’s not the only meme doing the rounds, though.

Since loyal is such an easy rhyme, let’s just say people have been taking some creative liberties.

1. Georgia Steel: Postal Worker

After all, what’s more reliable than ‘Loyal’ Mail?

Erm… quite a few things, actually.

Still, it’s nice to know she has some career options if she doesn’t scoop the big prize.


2. The Name’s Steel, Georgia Steel

With Georgia’s temper, we’re not sure she should have access to Q and his weaponry.

At least with the way she waves her drinks around mid-argument, they’ll definitely be more shaken than stirred.


3. Georgia Enlists in the Loyal Navy

Maybe she’ll be made in the villa, but we’re not sure the disciplined life at sea is a good fit for Georgia.

Plus, they probably have at least one carpenter on the ship, so she’ll spend half the time looking for the carpets they haven’t fitted.

Because that’s not what carpenters do, Georgia.

4. Can Georgia Lord-e it Over the Other Islanders?

If we have to get this song stuck in our heads all over again, so do you.

Maybe some enterprising musician out there can mix soundbites of Georgia saying I’m loyal to the popular track by Lorde.

Or maybe that won’t get the ‘Green Light’.

5. Taking Georgia For a Burger King

While we don’t recommend serving Georgia Steel anything lettuce and mayo based, it seems as if her loyalty fits great on the Burger King menu.

We can’t help feeling that Samuel L. Jackson would have something to say about her making a Loyale with Cheese though.

6. The Loyal Family ft. Duchess Georgia

It’s handy that the Royals have been out and about so much lately, what with weddings, christenings, Royal Ascot, hiding from Trump, etc etc.

What better sums up the country right now than clips of Georgia Steel saying, “I’m loyal”?

Couldn’t be more Summer 2018 if you tried. Well, maybe throw in a Gareth Southgate waistcoat, just to be safe.

7. The Loyal Rumble!

Bonus: here’s a safer game you can play along at home, without getting alcohol poisoning.

Why not make your own Georgia loyalty card, so you too can say “I’m loyal” enough to fill out all those spaces.

Don’t worry though, just like Georgia herself, you don’t actually have to be loyal.

Just say it over and over again until people get the hint.

Relive the Georgia and Jack kiss controversy – it was filmed twice!


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