Are Haley and Jacob still together? Married At First Sight couple status explored

Haley and Jacob are one of the couples who feature on Married At First Sight, and their relationship status is currently on viewer’s minds.

It hasn’t always been easy for the season 12 MAFS couple, especially after first setting their eyes on each other at the altar.

Fans instantly noticed that they never really hit it off, which led them to question if Haley and Jacob have since continued their relationship.

So, are Haley and Jacob still together? Have they chosen to work on their marriage or gone their separate ways? We done some research…

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Who are Jacob and Haley?

Jacob Harder is a 38-year-old who is tired of dating and wants children.

Haley Harris, on the other hand, is a 28-year-old homeowner and dog-lover.

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IT consultant Jacob already believes that arranged marriages are typically more successful than traditional ones.

Haley, who admittedly has trust issues, is an account executive.

They both turned to Married At First Sight, with Haley wanting guidance to enable her to break down walls, and Jacob wanting a deep connection.

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Jacob and Haley on Married At First Sight

Since they got married, things have appeared awkward between them.

Haley has not wanted to get intimate with Jacob, and admitted on the last episode that she was controlled by her partner in a previous relationship.

During their honeymoon, Jacob accused her of having a boyfriend at home.

They each occupy separate parts of their living space, and are currently set to make a decision about whether to continue their marriage.

Faced with a lack of chemistry, they recently went through their wedding photo book, to which Jacob realised the signs were always there.

Fans have noticed that Haley regularly comments negatively on Jacob’s clothing, and that she didn’t wear the bracelet he bought her.

Are Haley and Jacob still together?

  • At the time of writing, it is not known if they are still together

Rumor has it that Haley and Jacob have said their goodbyes, but there has not been any confirmation that this is the case.

It is likely that, considering how their marriage is going on the show, they will not see eye-to-eye, despite Haley saying she wanted to make it work.

She also recently said that she was out, but added that she didn’t want to be the couple to get a divorce on Decision Day.

Jacob also said he was “kinda done with it” during their one-month anniversary, so their marriage blossoming post-filming is unlikely.



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