The final episode of First Dates Hotel melted the hearts of the UK as the six-episode series came to a tearful close on Monday night (February 12, 2018).

Series Two of the Channel 4 reality TV dating show has brought us a wealth of colourful and inspirational characters.

We met 87-year-old fitness enthusiastic Bernard just two weeks into the show, ‘Daddy cool’ Darill the following Monday, Harry Potter enthusiasts and nerdy couple Nick and Harry in episode five, and internet sensation Griff who changed our lives forever.

Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel
Screen Shot: First Dates Hotel – GRIFF

In the last episode of First Dates Hotel and it was the story of love hopeful Dave that turned the UK into a puffy-eyed, sobbing mess.

Brace yourselves, and perhaps get some tissues at hand.

Dave was looking for romance having not dated since 1991 when he said there “weren’t even mobile phones around”.  What the hell did people do at the dinner table back then?

Dave said: “To be honest with you the whole dating scene is alien to me.”

Dave was spotted nervously walking back and fourth in his bedroom, and it was here where he confessed that his last partner passed away, after they had been together for 22 years.

Screen Shot: Dave, First Dates Hotel - C4
Screen Shot: Dave, First Dates Hotel – C4

He said: “She was my soul mate, my best friend.”

Sadly, Dave’s wife had passed away through lung cancer, seven weeks after her diagnosis.

It was his daughter, Storm, who applied for First Dates Hotel in his name, and widower Dave gave his precious daughter a quick buzz before setting off on his date with Sara.

Screen Shot: Dave, First Dates Hotel - C4
Screen Shot: Dave, First Dates Hotel – C4

Speaking to camera, he said: “Life can be lonely, but you don’t really know how lonely it can be until someone isn’t there.”

Sara and Dave sparked their date into action with a couple of “naughty” Negroni’s before Sara pushed Dave into ordering vegetables with his linguine meal – proof that no-one is too old to be smothered and mothered.

Speaking of Dave’s order, Sara said: “That’s not gong to be enough though, he needs vegetables on the side.”

Before Turing to Dave and saying ‘“sorry, do you mind”.

Screen Shot: Dave & Sara - First Dates Hotel, C4
Screen Shot: Dave & Sara – First Dates Hotel, C4

Dave charmed his date and delicately wooed her into opening up about her past. Sara said “even to this day I don’t know what happened” when explaining how her partner for nine years up and left her in the middle of the night.

She said: “I was totally broken.”

At this point and the UK was seriously rooting for the pair to hit it off. Fortunately the date went well, with Dave even managing to turn around his force feeding of vegetables on Sara, making her order a dessert.

Forced into dessert – we love your work big Dave!

Finally, Twitter went into meltdown after the First Dates Hotel confirmed that the couple went on a second date the following day before continuing their relationship back home in England.

They’ve now been seeing each other for five months and confessed in a piece to camera that they are “madly in love”.

First Dates Hotel, you’ve done it again!

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