Fans of Love Island have not been holding back when it comes to the age of Laura Anderson.

As the oldest villa housemate of series four, the 29-year-old air hostess has received plenty of comments on how she was born in 1989.

Believe it or not, but we think she knows.

Neither celebrating or condemning – because sitting on the fence is easier – here are 17 tweets on Love Island Laura Anderson’s age!

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Laura Anderson
Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Laura Anderson

1. A Slightly ‘Different’ Friend Group

2. That Hideaway Night

3. Don’t Break a Hip

4. That Ellie Dilemma

5. Because They’re Twins?

6. Sass Overload

7. Mind. Blown

8. Alternative Commentary

9. ‘I Modelled Too’

10.  Logic Busting

11. FFS

12. Detention

13. Doubts

14. Parental Guidance

15. Victorian Fashion

16. So Awkward

17. Facts

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