Holly and Shane were amongst the singletons meeting for the first time, on the annual First Dates at Christmas for 2020.

In a country pub, a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and ages sat down for a meal, to see if anything could blossom from their date.

Holly and Shane had quite the effect on viewers, with many hoping they will eventually end up in a relationship.

So, we reflected on Holly – who wasn’t born at Christmas, by the way – and Shane’s date from the festive special!

Screenshot: Holly, First Dates at Christmas 2020, Channel 4

Meet Holly and Shane

Holly, 28, works in retail selling beds, while Shane, 32, works in plastering and rendering. He went on to add that he goes to dirty building sites.

She had viewers puzzled when she said people always ask if she was born at Christmas due to her name, but made it clear that she didn’t come into the world on December 25th.

They live pretty close to each other, and realise they are practically neighbours, as Shane lives in Brentwood and Holly lives in Epping, Essex.

How did Holly and Shane’s date go?

Front of house waiter Fred Sirieix couldn’t even resist to tell Holly they hope to find her a Christmassy man to go with her name.

From the get-go, Holly and Shane are basically the perfect match. Viewers must have noticed their compatibility from this exact moment…

Screenshot: Holly, First Dates at Christmas 2020, Channel 4
Screenshot: Shane, First Dates at Christmas 2020, Channel 4

Shane loves gingers who aren’t your typical Essex girl – and Holly specifically stated she wasn’t, because she “can’t do make up”.

Their laughs grew louder when Shane revealed he had been hit by a car on a previous date, to which Holly said she thought the date had run him over.

Things got deep when she told him she’d been with her ex for 7 years, and had been on two dates ever since.

Later on, Holly got confident as their bond grew stronger…

Screenshot: Shane, First Dates at Christmas 2020, Channel 4

Did anything blossom further for them?

Holly and Shane decided they wanted to see each other again, and First Dates at Christmas fans were over the moon.

Shane described Holly as “nice-looking” and “homely” after their date.

He even suggested cracking open a bottle of wine later… and we saw them share their first kiss at the First Dates Christmas party!

Shane and Holly then went on another date. Looks like she found the plus one she was looking for…

First Dates at Christmas 2020 is thought to have been filmed a year ago.

Screenshot: Shane and Holly, First Dates at Christmas 2020, Channel 4



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